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Day 1
Episode overview
While on a trip to visit her grandfather, an attractive mother and two of her children mysteriously disappear. This leads to a desperate search to find them before it's too late.
Day 3
Episode overview
Matt learns the shocking news that his missing wife, Leanne, is pregnant while attending a press conference organized by press officer Defne Topcu; Hazel is suspicious that her son Kyle .. show full overview
Day 28
Episode overview
Following the 28-day police review Barclay has turned Leanne's missing persons case in a murder investigation and Kyle Betts is the prime suspect; Matt spends his birthday in the company .. show full overview
Day 33
Episode overview
With the investigation in it’s fourth week, Matt become further estranged from Leanne’s parents in part because he gives an interview with a TV crew and also because of the constant .. show full overview
Day 79
Episode overview
The discovery of a burnt out van offers some new evidence to Barclay's investigation, as the suspect slips away; Matt joins Gary with the police, in a stakeout at the home of Hazel .. show full overview