Escape My Life

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What's a Barry?
Episode overview
In need of a car, wardrobe designer Skylar learns about a Ford program where industry peeps can try out cars for free. Skylar meets the program director who helps her out, but when she .. show full overview
Episode overview
Skylar learns she’s unwittingly signed into a program where Barry is with her 24/7, to act as her product specialist and “report” on their experiences with the Escape. She quickly .. show full overview
Episode overview
During a commercial shoot, star Shannen Doherty asks Skylar to look after her annoying dog, Mimsy. Skylar passes the task off to Barry, but in his care Mimsy accidentally ingests Skylar’s Bluetooth headset.
Episode overview
Skylar learns she’ll be on a shoot with her idol, Scott Schuman, the blogger and fashion photographer who created “The Sartorialist.” When Barry introduces her, Skylar adopts a British .. show full overview
The Two Escapes
Episode overview
While working on a commercial for a kids’ energy drink, Skylar meets Carrie – who is also taking part in the Escape program, but Carrie’s “product specialist” is a hunk. He’s everything Barry isn’t.
Powdered Milk
Episode overview
Skylar works a student film about a drug deal gone wrong. She is forced to drive home with the prop cocaine and some real-life thugs mistake the prop for the real thing and a chase .. show full overview
World of Boxes
Episode overview
Skylar visits Barry’s boss to find that the marketing agency transformed into a company called “World of Boxes.” Skylar gets a copy of her contract in the mail and discovers that Barry working the underwear shoot was a violation in the contract.
Episode overview
Now Barry-free, Skylar lands a gig on a Civil War period drama. On set, she starts to read Barry’s blog and realizes he’s a good friend to her. Skylar later finds Barry back at her .. show full overview