Batman Unburied

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Kind of a Night Person
Episode overview
Dr. Bruce Wayne, forensic pathologist, performs an autopsy on the latest victim of Gotham City’s newest serial killer, The Harvester.
Such Wonderful Secrets
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Dog With a Bone
Episode overview
Detective Barbara Gordon starts her own investigation into a private plane crash with the help of her reluctant partner Renee Montoya
I Am a Crook
Episode overview
Faced with a puzzle she can't solve, Detective Barbara Gordon begrudgingly visits the one man in Gotham City who can help her - Arkham Asylum inmate Edward Nygma, a.k.a. The Riddler.
Park Row
Episode overview
Dr. Bruce Wayne works to solve the mystery of Gotham City's latest killer, The Harvester, but it leads him to a far more shocking discovery.
Work Clothes
Episode overview
With the help of The Riddler, Detective Barbara Gordon faces off against corrupt cop Arnold Flass and his cronies on their rogue mission to find Batman.
May Day
Episode overview
When a key figure is found murdered, the killer’s identity can only be uncovered with the help of the least trustworthy citizens of Gotham… the inmates of Arkham Asylum.
Deadly Things
Episode overview
The World’s Greatest Detective makes the ultimate discovery and must stop a plot that could kill every citizen of Gotham.
Box in the Ground
Episode overview
With the help of an unlikely pair, Batman is forced to face his demons in order to save the city.
In the Soil
Episode overview
Batman has one last riddle to solve.