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The Staycation Episode
Episode overview
When Nick messes up Suzanne's plans for spring break, he turns the house into a makeshift resort, and promises to give the family the best vacation ever--but "Casa del Nick" is soon dealing with some disappointed customers.
The Thief Episode
Episode overview
Nick refuses to give Lindsey money for a concert, so Lindsey resorts to stealing sixty dollars from Gigi's purse - but when Gigi discovers the missing money, it's Kevin, not Lindsey, who ends up getting blamed.
The Bad Dream Episode
Episode overview
After Kevin watches the horror film The Sixth Sense, he starts having nightmares that disrupt Nick and Suzanne's sleep.
The 22 Episode
Episode overview
When the family oversleeps on the morning Lindsey is set to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game, it is all hands on deck just to make it to out of the house on time.
The Cooking Episode
Episode overview
Nick and Suzanne go head to head in the kitchen when Nick says cooking is easy and Suzanne challenges him to a family cooking competition.
The Regift Episode
Episode overview
Suzanne is upset when Marilyn gives her an ugly bracelet as a present, but things get even uglier when Nick sees it and realizes he bought it for Marilyn and that she's re-gifted.
The Suzanne Gets Arrested Episode
Episode overview
When Suzanne's stubborn need to argue her point gets her arrested, she starts to change her ways -- but not necessarily for the better.
The Second Black President Episode
Episode overview
When Kevin enters a campaign for class president, Suzanne wants him to run a clean campaign but Terrence, the Karl Rove of school elections, is adamant that he must go negative.
The Green Episode
Episode overview
The family decides to go green, but it is much harder than they thought and they realize sometimes you have to choose between saving the planet and saving your family.
The Father's Day Episode
Episode overview
Nick is disappointed when Frank crashes his Father's Day trip; however, when an elevator stops, the men are forced to have a meaningful heart-to-heart.
The My First Job Episode
Episode overview
Lindsey is thrilled to get her first job at Up and Down Burger, but when she gives out free food to failed NBA hopeful Terrel, she soon learns the consequences of stealing at the workplace.
The Tiger Dad Episode
Episode overview
Nick becomes a more influential parent, so he pushes Kevin and Lindsey hard, and they become model children.
The Expensive Purse Episode
Episode overview
After balking at the high price of a purse Suzanne loves, Nick thinks again and tries to buy it as a gift -- but Suzanne has already secretly bought the last purse for herself.
The Master of Ceremonies Episode
Episode overview
While hosting an awards ceremony, Nick gets laughs by making Suzanne the butt of his jokes but finds he cannot stand the heat when Suzanne turns the tables and starts making fun of him in public.
The Control Issue Episode
Episode overview
When Nick points out that Suzanne has issues letting go of controlling everything, Suzanne lets everything go. The family realizes they need Suzanne's controlling ways to run a successful household.
The Ghost Dog Episode
Episode overview
The entire family plays pranks on one another, to the chagrin of Suzanne. But when the family ignores Nick's choking because they think it's another prank, Nick has a near-death experience and embraces his Zen side.
The Lemon Squeeze Episode
Episode overview
When the family's morning routine devolves into fighting, Gigi suggests that they try an old sorority exercise called the Lemon Squeeze in order to turn their problems around.
The Mother's-in-Law Episode
Episode overview
When Suzanne's Mother comes to visit, she attacks Nick for being an inadequate husband, while hiding her true feelings of her own husband's inadequacy, until Suzanne and Terrence press her.
The Tit for Tat Episode
Episode overview
When a new buxom woman gets hired at the station, Nick's career is threatened; Suzanne takes matters into her own hands to save her husband's job.
The Quarantine Episode
Episode overview
When Marilyn brings a dangerous flu back from a trip to Mexico, the family must stay inside their house under quarantine.
The V.I.P. Tickets Episode
Episode overview
Suzanne is furious when Nick invites Martin and not her to a baseball game; Kevin and Lindsey try to win tickets to Rihanna's Los Angeles concert.
The Lindsey Dances Episode
Episode overview
Lindsey auditions to dance in a P-Nut music video, but considers quitting when she discovers that the choreographer is a drill sergeant and the other dancers are far more experienced.
The Career Day Episode
Episode overview
While speaking before Kevin's class for Career Day, Nick confuses the students by implying that building connections are more important than studying hard and getting good grades.
The House Sitter's Episode
Episode overview
When the house sitters next door begin acting irresponsibly, Nick and Suzanne question if they are being played for fools.
The Nick Gets Promoted Episode
Episode overview
Nick struggles to prove himself when he is promoted to co-host alongside the very lazy, arrogant Brick Street.
The Big Loan Episode
Episode overview
Confusion ensues when Suzanne asks Marilyn for a loan in an attempt to keep her birthday present a secret for Nick.
The Family Portrait Episode
Episode overview
Suzanne wants to have a formal portrait of the family taken, but trying to pull everyone together proves to be impossible.
The Nick Hosts a Telethon Episode
Episode overview
Despite warnings from other co-workers, Nick gets stuck hosting a charity telethon, while Suzanne has to deal with a rich client's boring wedding plans.
The Nick Gets an Assistant Episode
Episode overview
Nick is forced to get an assistant, who is a must-hire from his boss; however, when the assistant gets too close to his family and friends, Nick is forced to take action.
The Silent Treatment Episode
Episode overview
Nick and Suzanne stop talking to each other after Suzanne gets upset with Nick for his attempts to fix her problems without listening to her.
The Kwandanegaba Children's Fund Episode
Episode overview
Nick wants Lindsey and Kevin to give back to the community, so they select a charity they find online; however, when the charity keeps asking for more money, Nick has to get to the bottom of it.
The Blockbuster Movie Episode
Episode overview
Nick and Suzanne try to attend a highly anticipated movie premiere, but when their busy schedules get in the way, both are tempted to secretly go to the movie without the other.
The Pocket Dial Episode
Episode overview
After Nick gets pocket-dialed by Suzanne and overhears her telling Gigi something personal, he gets back at Suzanne by fake pocket-dialing her.
The Secret Episode
Episode overview
Lindsey has a new crush and Gigi has a new boyfriend, but when certain secrets cannot be kept, a web of misinformation nearly ruins both situations.
The Life Insurance Episode
Episode overview
Nick and Suzanne consider purchasing life insurance as they feel it would be a good decision to protect their family; however, Nick has reservations about buying a policy.
The Hypertension Episode
Episode overview
When Nick gets a doctor's report that he has high blood pressure, Suzanne does everything she can to make sure his stress levels stay low.
The Satchel Pagge Episode
Episode overview
Nick helps out Willie Mays, a homeless man with a beautiful voice, by getting him a job at KAWT, but Willie takes advantage of his new job.
The Cyrano Episode
Episode overview
Romantic complications ensue when Nick helps a shy colleague improve his love life. Meanwhile, a pinkeye epidemic keeps Lindsey away from school.
The Identity Theft Episode
Episode overview
Nick's identity is stolen; Suzanne takes a week off to attend a wedding; Marilyn shares a life lesson.
The Inappropriate Website Episode
Episode overview
When Nick lands on a porn website due to a spelling error, a co-worker takes it the wrong way, forcing KAWT employees to undergo sensitivity training.
The Open Mic Gaffe Episode
Episode overview
When Nick inadvertently insults Harold Bradley (a KAWT employee who has been around forever) on-air, he is forced to do damage control.
The Timeshare Episode
Episode overview
Marilyn's new boyfriend Paul tries to convince the Kingston-Persons family to buy into a timeshare, but they are really buying into a scam.
The Thanksgiving Episode
Episode overview
When the entire Kingston-Persons clan plus guests end up at the house for a pot-luck Thanksgiving, Suzanne has to scramble to find the one item she was in charge of - the turkey.
The Insignificant Anniversary Episode
Episode overview
Nick agrees to go to a Public Enemy concert on the same night as his proposal adversary with Suzanne, who is none too pleased. The children star in internet videos wearing superhero costumes.
The Long Con Episode
Episode overview
Kevin buys a cheap mask at a yard sale, but it maybe a valuable art piece. Lindsey receives advice about her upcoming date with her crush.
The Bigg Box Klub Episode
Episode overview
Nick goes crazy buying items in bulk at The Big Box Club discount superstore that the family does not need. Meanwhile, Lindsey enters a speed-texting contest.
The Black Friday Episode
Episode overview
Comical chaos ensues when the gang waits in line to shop at a department store on Black Friday. Kevin anticipates buying a new video game, Lindsey meets a boy, relationship problems plague Martin and Terrence hopes to buy toys for charity.
The Blackout Episode
Episode overview
After a guys' night out, Nick and his friends struggle to recollect the events that led to the disappearance of his wedding ring -- and Kevin.
The Wrong Way Episode
Episode overview
Nick hesitantly attends his high school reunion, but all of his fears come true when his high school nickname haunts him throughout the event. Lindsey prepares a feast.
The Concussion Episode
Episode overview
After a concussion, Nick is advised to not go to bed for a few hours. To avoid all risks, he attempts to stay up all night.
The Bucket List Episode
Episode overview
When Nick realizes he is the same age his father was when he died, he decides not to waste another minute and starts tackling a list of risky activities to accomplish before he dies.
The Spelling Bee Episode
Episode overview
When a well-respected actor shadows Nick to prepare for an upcoming role as an anchor, his methods turn out to be much more invasive than Nick had expected.
The Kleptomaniac Episode
Episode overview
Mr. Peterson asks Nick to co-host his wife's charity walkathon, but Nick is soon put into an uncomfortable situation when he suspects that Mrs. Peterson has stolen Marilyn's bracelet.
The Hand on a House Episode
Episode overview
Lindsey and Kevin enter Nick into a Hand on a House contest, where finalists compete by seeing who can keep their hand on a house for the longest.
The Identity Theft Episode
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
The Sex Symbol Episode
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
The Good Day Seattle Episode
Episode overview
Mr. Peterson announces a new KAWT morning show featuring a reality show star as the co-host, but she threatens Nick and the other anchors' jobs in order to steal the spotlight.
The Sex Symbol Episode
Episode overview
Nick is voted as Seattle's Sexiest Sportscaster, but the title comes with downsides.