Blue Lights

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  • BBC One
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  • Crime Drama Thriller



This Too Shall Pass
Episode overview
A year into the job, the team are faced with a drug-fuelled crime wave that leads them into a loyalist estate. A violent clash puts Stevie and Grace’s working relationship at risk.
Episode overview
A loyalist gangland feud turns up the pressure on the section. Annie makes an impetuous decision on a night out.
Love Knows
Episode overview
As tensions grow in Mount Eden, a response call forces Stevie to confront his past. Annie deals with the consequences of an impulsive decision.
The Stamp of Nature
Episode overview
Lee is the new boss in Mount Eden. Under pressure from Canning to get results, Shane leads Tommy into danger.
Where I Want to Be
Episode overview
Annie’s job is on the line. As Lee consolidates power, Stevie and Grace are thrown back together on a response call, with terrible consequences.
The Loyal
Episode overview
Mount Eden descends into chaos as Grace tries to get Henry out from under Lee’s control. Happy finally learns the truth.