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The Investigation
Episode overview
After an accident that takes the life of a worker on an oil platform, a security researcher begins to suspect that the situation is more sinister than it seems.
She's Out There
Episode overview
Bentos employees refuse to cooperate with Emma and Trevor, which raises suspicions about employee motivation; Trevor begins to doubt Emma's ability to lead the investigation.
Someone Else on Board
Episode overview
A murder aboard the platform confirms suspicions that someone is behind the accidents; tensions between crew members increase.
One Of Us
Episode overview
The crew does its best to reestablish communications with the outside world; the number of victims increases.
The Escape
Episode overview
The remaining crew members are separated into two groups, and suspicions abound about who is the killer.
Settlement at Sea
Episode overview
The hurricane begins to move away from the area, and a dangerous chasing game begins on board the platform among the crew members.