Young Lions

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  • Crime Drama



Mardi Gras
Episode overview
Guido Martin is forced to deal with his mutually exclusive and mutually intense yearnings: for his job, and the woman he loves.
Lick Me Baby
Episode overview
Cameron's new lover accuses her partner, Guido Martin, of stealing money while he's working undercover. The lover has first hand experience - he's a hitman.
Boy School Bullies
Episode overview
Donna Parry's sunny spirit is challenged as she deals with elitism and prejudice.
Fruit Market Underworld
Episode overview
Guido's undercover past threatens his job at South West police station.
Asylum Seekers
Episode overview
Politics become personal and passionate for Eddie, Donna and Madeleine as they investigate a riot at a Sydney detention centre and the escape of a teenage refugee.
Nursing Home
Episode overview
The report of a suspicious death at a nursing home brings Eddie back into contact with a former neighbour who helped him after the death of his father. Cameron must also confront her .. show full overview
The City and the Taxi Driver
Episode overview
The detectives spend a night on the streets against a backdrop of simmering tensions, while Cameron plumbs the depths of her own soul to connect with a killer.
Kickboxer Kills Rapist
Episode overview
.Donna confronts another reality of being a woman in the city when she defends a woman who is charged with murder after she kills a rapist.
Arson Case
Episode overview
A reporter's interest in a fatal hostel arson case in which an alleged police cover-up sent the wrong man to prison prompts Kostas to put the Eddie and Donna on the reopened case. When .. show full overview
The Priest
Episode overview
Eddie's faith and his friendship with Father Paul Moran are tested when Irena's sister goes missing and foul play is suspected.
China Town
Episode overview
Cameron is torn between Guido and his father, Senior Detective Bill Martin, and she soon finds her integrity and a boy's life are in the line.
Kickboxer on Trial
Episode overview
Cameron is torn between Guido and his father, Senior Detective Bill Martin, and she soon finds her integrity and a boy's life are in the line.
The Navy 1
Episode overview
Guido's Naval Captain brother, the favoured older son, returns home a hero, and tensions between the brothers surface as a female naval officer is found murdered. Cameron again finds .. show full overview
The Navy 2
Episode overview
Guido and Cameron each face a personal crisis—and their friendship is tested—as Guido's father and brother come under suspicion.
Lone Star Blues
Episode overview
Eddie's integrity is tested as the father of Irene's son is released from prison. Eddie wants to reunite the boy with his father—but could lose Irene.
Drag Racing
Episode overview
Donna loves the police force and Crime Scene Examiner, Justin Carmody. Her feelings for both are tested as she investigates a fatal car smash involving police.
Grand Prix
Episode overview
Cameron feels that a girl found dead in a hotel penthouse is treated like party debris both by the elite partygoers and some investigators. Paul Bergin asks Guido's father for help to bring down a Chinese gang boss.
Bill's Death
Episode overview
Guido's friends rally to his side as his father faces a terminal illness—and a murder charge.
Serial Killer 1
Episode overview
Guido and The investigation into the suicide of an olympic swimming hopeful escalates when those around the investigation begin to be killed off. Cameron deal with an armed robbery .. show full overview
Serial Killer 2
Episode overview
With Irena's condition uncertain, the search for the serial killer continues. Guido is forced to make a decision about his future with Sophie when Kostas gives him an ultimatum. Donna .. show full overview