His Dark Materials

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The Enchanted Sleeper
Episode overview
As Will searches for Lyra across worlds, Mrs. Coulter tests an unlikely new ally, while Asriel recruits for his war against the Authority.
The Break
Episode overview
As the Magisterium closes in on Mrs. Coulter, Will tries to help Lyra to safety. Asriel's base is rocked by unexpected visitors.
The Intention Craft
Episode overview
Lyra and Will seek help to fix Will’s knife. Mrs. Coulter causes chaos at Asriel’s republic.
Lyra and Her Death
Episode overview
Lyra and Will travel to a dangerous place from which no one has ever returned. Mrs. Coulter tries to thwart the Magisterium's deadly plan.
No Way Out
Episode overview
Will and Lyra journey into the Land of the Dead in search of Roger; Mrs. Coulter risks everything to save Lyra.
The Abyss
Episode overview
Lyra and Will try to escape from the Land of the dead; meanwhile, Asriel makes a startling discovery.
The Clouded Mountain
Episode overview
Will and Lyra makes an effort to search for their demons on the battlefield amidst of the turmoil; Asriel challenges against their greatest foe yet.
The Botanic Garden
Episode overview
Lyra and Will finally reunite with Mary and learns that there is something they need to make a sacrifice.