You, Me & Them

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The Other Mother
Episode overview
Having finally persuaded his brother to move out, Ed finds his free-spirited mother Rose (Honor Blackman) under his roof. Meanwhile, Ellie decides to co-habit with boyfriend Tim, having .. show full overview
The One Before the One
Episode overview
Ed and Lauren's relationship is threatened by the sudden appearance of an old flame, and Emma has to place her trust in Clive's hands. Debs and Keith find themselves having to deal with their son's tricky new `discovery'.
Joining the Masons
Episode overview
Tensions fly when Keith's handyman skills see Ed and Lauren needing to seek shelter at the Masons.
School Reunion
Episode overview
Lauren's school reunion throws an old flame into the mix and leaves Ed questioning their future. Emma decides it's time to downsize.
The Gift
Episode overview
Emma's past finds itself at her doorstep when an old friend makes an appearance. Alan's alternative date shows great potential.
The Origami Butterfly Effect
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.