Good Omens

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  • : 1768
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  • Comedy Fantasy Mini-series



Chapter 1: The Arrival
Episode overview
Retired angel Aziraphale and retired demon Crowley's lives are upended when a visitor arrives on the doorstep of Aziraphale’s bookshop, bringing chaos. Local shopkeepers Maggie and Nina .. show full overview
Chapter 2: The Clue featuring the minisode A Companion to Owls
Episode overview
Heaven and Hell are determined to find the missing angel. An overheard song provides Aziraphale with a Clue. Crowley and Aziraphale visit the pub to discuss ways that humans fall in .. show full overview
Chapter 3: I Know Where I'm Going featuring the minisode The Resurrectionists
Episode overview
Heaven sends the angel Muriel in disguise to spy on Aziraphale and Crowley. Aziraphale drives to Edinburgh in pursuit of his Clue, and learns a little about a lot. The couple's visit to .. show full overview
Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker featuring the minisode Nazi Zombie Flesheaters
Episode overview
Aziraphale's good deed of picking up a hitchhiker on his way back to Soho, proves to be a serious mistake. In 1941 Crowley and Aziraphale encounter some surprising adversaries, old and .. show full overview
Chapter 5: The Ball
Episode overview
Aziraphale tries to bring Maggie and Nina together by organizing a meeting of the Whickber Street Shopkeepers and Street Traders Association. In Hell, Shax is determined to launch a full .. show full overview
Chapter 6: Every Day
Episode overview
Crowley becomes a Heavenly bee and learns the truth about the Armageddon sequel. Aziraphale defends his bookshop from Shax's army and reveals his halo, Maggie and Nina become warriors, .. show full overview