Vienna Blood

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The Last Séance
Episode overview
When a beautiful young medium is found dead in mysterious circumstances, Dr Max Liebermann, is called upon by Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt of the Vienna Police to assist in the search for the killer.
The Queen of the Night
Episode overview
Max's engagement party is interrupted by news of a grotesque series of murders in Vienna's slums. Oskar quickly arrests a suspect and finds circumstantial evidence to support a conviction. But Max isn't convinced they've got the right man.
The Lost Child
Episode overview
Max's nephew suffers a breakdown after the drowning of a fellow cadet at a military academy. The police department refute suspicions but Max shows Oskar a pattern of violence and believes that they're looking at a murder investigation.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Their latest investigation draws Max and Oskar into the sphere of nationalistic groups who despise Vienna's immigrants.Max's fiancée is provoked into taking daring risks before the murderer's shocking rationale is finally revealed.
Episode 5
Episode overview
When his nephew, a student at a military school, suffers a breakdown after a fellow cadet's death, Max calls on Oskar for help.The school prepares a new generation of military officers, but its barbaric traditions are hidden from the outside world.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Suspicion at the military school falls on an elite group of cadets with a penchant for sadism and dangerous games.Solving the case will have a devastating impact on both Oskar and Max's professional lives.