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Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take
Episode overview
With Elena's life now linked to that of his best friend Bonnie, Damon is forced to navigate his new reality without her. A newly empowered Bonnie keeps a close eye on Damon as he, in .. show full overview
Never Let Me Go
Episode overview
When an impulsive decision by Damon threatens to unravel a carefully negotiated deal between Stefan and Lily, he has no choice but to make amends with his mother before things spiral .. show full overview
Age of Innocence
Episode overview
In the aftermath of a clever plan orchestrated by Lily, Damon sets off on a road trip with Bonnie and Alaric in search of leverage they can use against his mother. Meanwhile, Caroline, .. show full overview
I Carry Your Heart with Me
Episode overview
Just as Damon thinks he's gained the upper hand in his fight against Lily, an unexpected turn of events leaves him scrambling for a plan B. Elsewhere, when the fallout of Damon's actions .. show full overview
Live Through This
Episode overview
After realizing the downward spiral he was on, Damon decides he’s going to turn over a new leaf and that his actions moving forward will do right by Elena. Lily prepares for the arrival .. show full overview
Best Served Cold
Episode overview
After being reunited with her former love Julian, Lily hosts a dinner party to introduce him to Damon and Stefan and to declare peace between her family of Heretics and the residents of .. show full overview
Mommie Dearest
Episode overview
In order to get through to Lily about Julian's manipulating ways, Stefan and Damon confront their mother with painful memories from their childhood. However, when Lily reveals a dark .. show full overview
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
Episode overview
As Julian and Lily throw a party to celebrate Mary Louise and Nora's anniversary, Stefan and Damon set in motion a risky plan to eliminate a new threat posed by Julian. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Cold as Ice
Episode overview
With the holidays in full swing, a search for Julian leads Damon and Stefan to a small town outside of Mystic Falls. While managing a holiday toy drive at Whitmore College, Bonnie seeks .. show full overview
Hell Is Other People
Episode overview
After finding himself on the wrong end of Julian’s plan to avenge Lily’s death, Damon awakens to find himself trapped inside the Phoenix stone, tormented by a traumatic experience from .. show full overview
Things We Lost in the Fire
Episode overview
With the traumatic effects of the Phoenix stone taking a toll on his brother, Stefan attempts to help Damon regain his grip on reality, while secretly struggling with his own experience .. show full overview
Postcards from the Edge
Episode overview
When his experience in the Phoenix stone leads him to do the unthinkable, Damon finds himself spiraling out of control and under the influence of a dangerous and reckless Julian. .. show full overview
This Woman's Work
Episode overview
When complications from her supernatural pregnancy leave Caroline's life hanging in the balance, Stefan and Valerie take extreme measures to try and save her and the babies. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Moonlight on the Bayou
Episode overview
In order to lure Rayna Cruz away from his friends in Mystic Falls, Stefan heads to New Orleans, where Valerie has learned of a safe house that can protect him. There, he comes face to .. show full overview
I Would for You
Episode overview
While Stefan and Valerie search for a magical herb that can keep him hidden from Rayna, Damon comes up with his own plan to take her down for good. However, while at The Armory, Bonnie .. show full overview
Days of Future Past
Episode overview
In an attempt to make things right with his brother, Damon offers to have Stefan’s scar magically transferred to him, only to discover that doing so may come with some unexpected .. show full overview
I Went to the Woods
Episode overview
In the aftermath of his brother’s fateful decision, Stefan awakens to find himself thrown into a life or death situation with only his basic instincts to rely on. With time working .. show full overview
One Way or Another
Episode overview
Determined to capture an escaped vampire named Ambrose, who may be the key to getting Stefan back safely, Damon heads to Memphis with Alaric in tow. However, reluctant to step back into .. show full overview
Somebody That I Used to Know
Episode overview
When Enzo’s efforts to protect Bonnie end up putting her life in jeopardy, they learn that Rayna may hold the key to her survival. With time running out and Rayna at the reins, Enzo and .. show full overview
Kill ‘Em All
Episode overview
With Bonnie’s life at stake and an uphill battle ahead of them, Damon and Enzo lead the charge to save Bonnie before her condition worsens. Stefan reluctantly teams up with Matt for the .. show full overview
Requiem for a Dream
Episode overview
When Damon’s risky attempt to save Bonnie takes an unexpected turn, the consequences of his actions forces everyone to band together to help her pull through. Meanwhile, when a new .. show full overview
Gods and Monsters
Episode overview
Despite their best efforts to help Bonnie through the harrowing predicament she now faces, Damon, Enzo and Caroline realize their options are running out and drastic measures need to be .. show full overview