The Tunnel

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  • Crime Drama Mystery Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
While Elise Wassermann and Karl Roebuck are back to investigate the case of a French couple who are abducted from the Eurotunnel, the case gets complicated by a plane crash into the Channel.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Finding the Fourniers becomes a matter of national urgency when the crashed plane's black box reveals a terrifying possibility.
Episode 3
Episode overview
As the hunt for the abducted couple continues, a hunch leads Karl to another body. Plus, a man steps forward with intriguing links to their missing man.
Episode 4
Episode overview
As the gripping crime drama continues, Karl and Elise receive a tip-off from a woman they believe knows Robert Fournier's whereabouts. But can she be trusted?
Episode 5
Episode overview
An unexpected revelation threatens to turn Karl's life upside-down. Meanwhile, Eryka reaches out to Elise and Rosa offers the team a cryptic clue.
Episode 6
Episode overview
An anonymous package gives Karl his biggest breakthrough in the case yet. Plus, the investigating team receive a clear and violent warning.
Episode 7
Episode overview
The team are forced to strike a deal with Vanessa. Meanwhile, someone tries to warn Karl off the case and Elise crosses a line she may quickly come to regret.
Episode 8
Episode overview
A lethal attack is launched and Elise and Karl's lives are thrown into jeopardy as the second series of the gripping crime drama ends in a nail-biting showdown.