The Surreal Life (2022)

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Welcome to The Surreal Life
Episode overview
The eight housemates meet each other for the first time, compete in a wrestling challenge, and navigate friction between August and a haunted doll.
Surreal Life Family BBQ
Episode overview
The group has a bonding day at a yoga retreat, Manny shares his past trauma with Kim and Tamar, and a house BBQ brings up touchy subjects.
How Did We Get Here?
Episode overview
Tamar faces her fear of heights to participate in an elevated bonding experience, Stormy does a tarot card reading for her housemates, and Dennis's emotions get the best of him.
A Second Chance for Dennis
Episode overview
Frankie unleashes his competitive side during a soccer game, August warms up to Stormy, and the group works through the aftermath of Dennis's outburst.
Surreal Theater
Episode overview
August gets emotional while chatting with his nieces, the housemates write and perform scenes in which they imitate one another, and Manny does Dennis's makeup.
Roller Coaster Ride
Episode overview
Dennis returns after his injury, the housemates pick superlatives and give Kim a top honor, and the Surreal Life journey ends with an amusement park trip.