The Secrets She Keeps

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  • Crime Drama Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
Two years after her child was kidnapped, someone is dead and as Meghan Shaughnessy is being held in police custody for murder, the events that brought her to this place unfold, including a shocking new secret about Agatha Fyfle.
Episode 2
Episode overview
While Agatha plots to ensure her pregnancy is safe from her enemies inside and outside the prison, Meghan is confronted by her sister Grace's growing suspicions about Baby Ben's paternity.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Agatha's attempt to elicit outside help for her unborn baby uncovers a startling new twist with the podcaster; while Meghan is faced with the loss of her marriage after Jack learns he is not Ben's biological father.
Episode 4
Episode overview
As Meghan's life spins out of control, the devastating truth of who she has killed is finally revealed – and, when Agatha is hospitalized after a severe beating in jail, their paths will again collide.
Episode 5
Episode overview
In prison with Agatha, the grief-stricken Meghan navigates a nightmare, while Agatha's dream of motherhood seems destined to be stripped away by forces outside her control.
Episode 6
Episode overview
In a thrilling finale to the series, Agatha and Meghan face their hardest trials yet – but with an explosive ending that neither will see coming.