The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy

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Sweden: Midsummer
Episode overview
Eugene kicks off his epic adventure with a festive celebration, practices moose calling and kayaks down one of the country's longest rivers.
Scotland: My Mother's Country
Episode overview
Past meets present as Eugene explores his emotional family history in Glasgow and lives like a royal at the stunning Candacraig mansion.
France: The Secrets of Saint-Tropez
Episode overview
Eugene gets a taste of glamour with Joan Collins, broadens his palate with oysters and attempts the art of beekeeping in Provence.
Germany: The Health Resort
Episode overview
Off the beaten path in Sylt, Eugene explores a world of wellness, complete with hay baths and fasting at the Lanserhof holistic retreat.
Italy: La Dolce Vita
Episode overview
Eugene dives deeper into his favorite European country to visit. On the agenda: truffle hunting, wine harvesting and jousting.
Greece: Island-Hopping in the Aegean
Episode overview
On the tiny island of Milos, Eugene reflects on the value of family when he befriends a father-son duo living their dream.
Spain: Adventures in Andalusia
Episode overview
Eugene’s trip ends in Spain, where he meets soccer icon Héctor Bellerín and enjoys the epic showdown of Real Betis vs. Sevilla FC.