The People vs O.J. Simpson

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A Jury in Jail
Episode overview
The jurors grow stir crazy after spending months away from their families and being cut off from society and the media. Also: DNA evidence is introduced to the country.
From the Ashes of Tragedy
Episode overview
In the series premiere, investigators visit the home of O.J. Simpson following the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
The Run of His Life
Episode overview
O.J. Simpson goes missing in the white Bronco and Robert Shapiro and Robert Kardashian battle the fallout while the D.A.'s office and the LAPD go searching for O.J.
The Dream Team
Episode overview
Marcia reveals O.J. is charged; Robert Shapiro seeks advice from F. Lee Baily and creates a provocative strategy and tries to convince O.J. to hire Johnnie Cochran.
100% Not Guilty
Episode overview
Jury selection begins and jury experts are sought by the prosecution and defense teams. Elsewhere: Faye Resnick publishes a tell-all book, complicating the court proceedings.
The Race Card
Episode overview
The trial begins and Christopher Darden and Johnie Cochran face off in court. Also: the jury visits the crime scene.
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
Episode overview
Marcia Clark begins to face public scrutiny for her appearance.
Conspiracy Theories
Episode overview
Conspiracy theories surface and the prosecution discusses having O.J. Simpson try on the gloves in court.
Manna from Heaven
Episode overview
Johnnie Cochran and F. Lee Bailey go in search of the Mark Fuhrman tapes and Judge Ito decides if they're admissible.
The Verdict
Episode overview
In the season finale, the prosecution and defense make their closing statements; the jurors deliberate; and the verdict is given.