The Orville

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Official Trailer
Episode overview
THE ORVILLE Official Trailer (2017) A Star Trek Spoof; the new Seth MacFarlane Comedy Drama Series.
EW Interview @ Comic-Con 2017
Episode overview
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the cast of The Orville stopped by Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con studio to discuss their new Fox show, set 400 years in the future on the U.S.S. Orville starship.
The First Six Missions
Episode overview
Get caught up on the first six adventures of The Orville and her crew. Originally released ahead of episode 7, this supercut was intended to quickly catch new viewers up-to-speed on the first half of Season 1.
The Orville Panel at PaleyFest 2018
Episode overview
The cast and crew of "The Orville" host a panel at PaleyFest 2018 where they have a Q&A and discuss the show, its future, and more.
The Orville Inside Look
Episode overview
Go behind the scenes of "The Orville", featuring interviews with the cast and creative team behind the series.
The Science of The Orville - Alien Life
Episode overview
More than a rubber mask, the aliens of "The Orville" are rooted in scientific principals about what life might look like beyond our solar system.
The Science of The Orville - Quantum Drive
Episode overview
The speed of light is the greatest limiting factor of any science fiction series, The Orville overcomes that limit with something that is closer to fact than fiction.
Crafting Aliens
Episode overview
Go behind the scenes with the makeup team responsible for turning human actors into otherworldly beings.
Directed By
Episode overview
Interview with the pilot's director Jon Favreau.
A Better Tomorrow
Episode overview
Seth McFarlane explains why it is important that science fiction should be about a more optimistic future.
Designing the Future
Episode overview
Seth McFarlane discusses the set and how the set reflects an aspirational future.