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The Love Con
Episode overview
In the first episode, television producer Benita Alexander shares that she thought she was headed for a fairytale Italian wedding to a surgeon, until it turned out to be too good to be true.
The Heiress Con
Episode overview
A woman claiming to be an Irish heiress swindles thousands of dollars from her best friend.
The Varsity Blues Con
Episode overview
Through elaborate and illegal methods, Rick Singer manipulates the admissions process for rich and famous parents whose children are applying to renowned colleges.
The Fyre Festival Con
Episode overview
Entrepreneur Billy McFarland tries to plan a luxury music festival in six months; when the enterprise ends in disastrous failure, McFarland ends up with a six-year prison sentence and is ordered to pay back those he defrauded, totaling $26 million.
The Royal Con
Episode overview
Meet the fabulously rich "Saudi Prince" who was part of one of the most powerful families in the world – but, was he?
The Psychics Con
Episode overview
Journey into the world of psychics and find out what happens when a psychic cons customers out of their money – revenge not even a psychic could predict.
The Wine Con
Episode overview
"I scam people and drink their wine." How did this wine collector have some of the world's best, most expensive wines?
The Hollywood Con
Episode overview
How and why did this scammer crush so many Hollywood dreams?