Evil Genius

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Part 1: The Heist
Episode overview
On Aug. 28, 2003, a strange bank robbery in Erie, Pennsylvania, ends in a grisly, unpredicted manner as the perpetrator -- an amiable neighborhood pizza delivery man named Brian Wells -- .. show full overview
Part 2: The Frozen Body
Episode overview
The body of a man named James Roden is discovered in a freezer. The FBI isn't sure yet if the corpse has a connection to the bank heist, but Roden does have a connection to Marjorie .. show full overview
Part 3: The Suspects
Episode overview
Marjorie, held at a prison in Muncy, PA, for the murder of James Roden, dangles information about the Bank Robbery case to the FBI in hopes of getting moved to a prison closer to Erie, .. show full overview
Part 4: The Confessions
Episode overview
An insider's confession reveals what really happened in the planning leading up to the bank robbery and Brian Wells' killing, and soon Marjorie is charged. The reason for the "pizza .. show full overview