The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib

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Untitled Templeton Project
Episode overview
With no name, zero capital, and countless rivals, the Templetons' scrappy startup takes on risky new client Cathy - the most-hated baby in town.
Puppy Love
Episode overview
The team explores a promising side hustle: reforming naughty puppies. But their pack of potential new clients leads them to a hair-raising discovery.
Biscuits Rising
Episode overview
A scheming British schoolboy baby who was secretly hired to ruin Teddy and Tina's lives lures the team into a trap that's crawling with mind games.
Moon Shot
Episode overview
The team competes with their Baby Corp rivals in a cutthroat "space race" to see who can create the cutest — and kid-friendliest — fake moon landing.
Inner Children
Episode overview
JJ's on the job when the town's adults mistakenly sample a special formula that gives them all "baby brains." Can she fix it before Tina finds out?
Episode overview
Crispin Biscuits cooks up a plan to frame the Untitled Templeton Project for a plush toy explosion. But Tina's going all in to clear the company name.
The Heat Is On
Episode overview
It's hot - and babies are cranky. Can the Templetons find a way around the country club splash pad's strict "no babies" rule before the team melts down?
One Tricked Pony
Episode overview
Crispin Biscuits pulls a beastly power move: luring Precious the pony away from the Templetons. Now it's up to the team to convince her he's bad news.
Federal Slumber Party
Episode overview
Uncle Benji's in town with two big surprises: a cute baby of his own and ambitions to become a federal agent, putting Boss Baby's real identity in danger.
Episode overview
Tina's relaxing stay at a baby resort goes off the rails when Crispin Biscuits has everyone convinced that she's not really Tina - but someone else.
Breaking the Bank
Episode overview
For his next plan, Crispin Biscuits plots to rob the underwater Baby Bank - but not if Boss Baby, Tina and Banker Baby Benny can sink his strategy.
Hate That Baby!
Episode overview
After Crispin Biscuits alters the economy to reward Baby Hate, the Boss Baby's forced to become the town's least adorable baby to save the startup.
North of the Border
Episode overview
With Teddy hiding out in Canada, Tina tries to hold the company together. But Baby Love's tanking, thanks to adult baddies who've shrunk to baby size.
Intensive Purposes
Episode overview
Dez and Aubrey go undercover to expose Russ Tisdale as a criminal kingpin. Elsewhere, Boss Baby and crew try to brainstorm their way out of captivity.
The Unshakeable Bear
Episode overview
The team searches for the elusive Dr. The Beard with the feds, and a bear, in hot pursuit. Tabitha pulls an inside job. Tina takes a critical test.
Ba-Ba Town
Episode overview
Peek-a-boo. Familiar faces return to help the Templetons take down the Shrinkies and get the Boss Baby his old life back. But will their strategy work?