Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

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Moon Girl Landing
Episode overview
When brilliant, altruistic Lunella Lafayette accidentally brings a dinosaur to the Lower East Side, she finally has the brawn to match her brains and protect her community.
The Borough Bully
Episode overview
When Lunella finds a nasty comment on her Moon Girl social media page, her fixation on the troll threatens to take over her life.
Run the Rink
Episode overview
When Lunella runs the rink for a night, she agrees to Casey's get-rich-quick scheme, which threatens Moon Girl's reputation and her family's beloved business.
Check Yourself
Episode overview
When Lunella loses a game of chess against a supercomputer, her obsession with winning drives the frustrated computer to program every device in the school to attack her.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Episode overview
When Lunella creates a chemical to change her hair, she accidentally turns her mane into a vengeful villain that vows to ruin her.
The Beyonder
Episode overview
The Beyonder gloms onto Lunella to learn about humanity, just as she's struggling to win a big science competition.
Moon Girl's Day Off
Episode overview
When Lunella seemingly gets hurt and is stuck in bed, Casey must step in as Moon Girl for the day.
Teacher's Pet
Episode overview
When Devil Dinosaur gets jealous of sharing Lunella with her class hamster and accidentally sets the animal free, he must search New York City to bring the furry friend home.
Skip Ad...olescense
Episode overview
Lunella creates a device that allows her to fast forward through mundane chores and tasks, but she struggles to handle the unexpected side effects.
Goodnight, Moon Girl
Episode overview
Lunella tries to overcome her awkwardness about fitting in at a slumber party by creating a mind-reading device but accidentally switches brains with Devil Dinosaur.
Like Mother, Like Moon Girl
Episode overview
Moon Girl fights to save the LES from changing.
Today, I Am a Woman
Episode overview
Hoping to help Casey have an epic bat mitzvah, Lunella makes an appearance as Moon Girl, which ultimately brings out the worst in Casey and causes a rift in their friendship.
Devil On Her Shoulder
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Coney Island, Baby!
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
"OMG Issue #1"
Episode overview
Lunella uncovers the history of the Original Moon Girl as she struggles to thwart a powerful villain's plan to use her portal for evil.
"OMG Issue #2"
Episode overview
Moon Girl faces her greatest challenge yet and puts everything on the line.