That Mitchell and Webb Look

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Episode 1
Episode overview
The heroic Helivets, who claim they can save any pet in peril, a director whose art mimics life, and a doctor struggling to fit in on the innuendo-laden wards of the Carry On Hospital.
Episode 2
Episode overview
A historian has trouble controlling his arms, a supervillain gets bogged down in health and safety, the world's least politically-correct pant, a look behind the scenes at the admirable work the comedy duo do in the local pheasant hospital.
Episode 3
Episode overview
A robot, a reality TV show based on reanimated corpses, and another of the sensitive documentaries: this time about a man named Alan and his nineteen penises.
Episode 4
Episode overview
The first ever daytime talk show, a visit to Park Flamingo World, and a discussion on Virginia.
Episode 5
Episode overview
A teenager dying of embarrassment, and a couple have the chance to buy the gateway to Narnia. Plus practical joking amongst scientists.
Episode 6
Episode overview
The UN turn their attentions to Bill Oddie while a sexy scarecrow is a rival for one woman's affections.