Sym-Bionic Titan

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Escape to Sherman High
Episode overview
Three aliens (Lance, Ilana, and Octus) crash-land on Earth while fleeing the evil general that has conquered their home planet, Galaluna. Shortly after, the general sends one of his minions after them, and they must fight the creature.
Neighbors in Disguise
Episode overview
Ilana suggests that they decorate their new home to fit in to the neighborhood, but as they enter the city's mall, Lance has a hard time adjusting the new life while protecting the princess...
Elephant Logic
Episode overview
In an attempt to fight the titan, General Steel and his men seek out an extra terrestrial weapon. Meanwhile, Lance and Ilana discover the importance of teamwork.
Phantom Ninja
Episode overview
Lance takes up being a vigilante and an intelligent roach-like Muddradi assassin comes after the princess. Lance's exploits are on the news without people knowing it was him, and Octus warns Lance not to take Earth laws into his own hands.
Roar of the White Dragon
Episode overview
When Lance becomes fascinated by the cars, he gets into a vehicle racing challenge against one of the competitive Earthlings.
Shaman of Fear
Episode overview
The group comes face-to-face with their deepest fears when a deadly alien being attempts to use their worst nightmares against them.
Showdown at Sherman High
Episode overview
The group must protect their fellow classmates without the aid of Sym-Bionic Titan when a huge tar creature manages to infiltrate Sherman High School and traps everyone inside the building.
Shadows of Youth
Episode overview
Lance looks back into his childhood years before he was chosen to be one of the Galalunian soldiers.
Tashy 497
Episode overview
When Modula finds another deadly beast to unleash upon the group, Lance, Ilana and Octus find a cuddly little alien they kept as a pet. However, they soon discover that the cute creature .. show full overview
Lessons in Love
Episode overview
Kimmy, the head cheerleader, forces Octus (as Newton) to tutor her after she fails a test, where things take an unexpected turn of events. Meanwhile, a Mutradi monster lands in the city .. show full overview
The Fortress of Deception
Episode overview
When Lance and Ilana are captured by G3, Octus has to discover the location of their base. Meanwhile Ilana and Lance are locked up in some sort of Galalunian-like cell at the G3 base. .. show full overview
The Ballad of Scary Mary
Episode overview
An annual party celebrating a local legend gets interrupted by a shape shifting alien. Meanwhile Newton continues to explore his relationship with Kimmy.
The Demon Within
Episode overview
Lance, Ilana, and Octus go deep in to the swamp to find a Mutraddi that has crash-landed in the water. They investigate the wreckage and are attack by an amphibian-like Mutraddi that, .. show full overview
I Am Octus
Episode overview
As the world seems to come to an absolute standstill, Octus searches for the cure to stop the disease that can affect humans and animals.
Episode overview
Lance learns how to play the guitar, and General Steel sends a spy to Sherman High whom Octus convinces that there is connection between Titan and the school. A dragon-like Mutraddi, .. show full overview
Escape From Galaluna
Episode overview
Another Flashback episode showing how the invasion of Mutraddi happened and how Ilana, Lance and Octus were able to escape. Illana atends the opening of a school in a tribal region of .. show full overview
Under The Three Moons
Episode overview
Ilana is homesick, so she joins the Homecoming Dance Committee and creates a Galalunian-themed dance. Meanwhile, General Modula's continued failure to kill the princess is spreading .. show full overview
A Family Crisis
Episode overview
Solomon and his team land at a heavily damaged space station when they are attacked by a burst of energy. Meanwhile, Octus is thrown a surprise birthday party by Lance and Ilana. During .. show full overview
Steel Foe
Episode overview
General Steel unleashes his newest dastardly creation in the form of his own giant killer robot, and faces the team of heroes to scramble in order to find a way to defend themselves and the planet without the aid of Octus.
A New Beginning
Episode overview
After Solomon saved Lance and Ilana from General Steel, three nearly-indestructible Mutraddi beasts were sent to ravage the Earth. Lance, Ilana, the US army, and G3 must set aside their difference to defeat the trio of giant creatures.