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Tommy Thunder: Method Actor
Episode overview
Sonic lets martial arts action movie star Tommy Thunder follow him around and observe his "hero process". However things get bad when Tommy's over-the-top ego clashes with Sonic's and starts claiming credit for the team's battles.
Episode overview
A meteor is heading towards the planet and Sonic must find a way to stop it.
Episode overview
When the TV news fails to report on a water crisis, Sticks starts a pirate radio station to expose the truth.
Alone Again, Unnaturally
Episode overview
After Tails' Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier device makes Sonic go so fast that he disappears and is trapped in another plane of existence, the team must think of a way to get him back.
The Biggest Fan
Episode overview
Sonic lets Mark the Tapir, a fanatical, self-proclaimed “number-one fan,” become his personal assistant, but Mark eventually goes too far.
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er
Episode overview
Believing himself too good to be trapped, Sonic challenges Tails to come up with a way to catch him.
I Can Sea Sonic's Fear from Here
Episode overview
When Eggman concocts a plan where Sonic will have to fight him underwater, the hedgehog must overcome his hydrophobia in order to stop him.
In the Midnight Hour
Episode overview
Sticks discovers a mysterious figure indoctrinating the village in the middle of the night, but the gang thinks it's just Sticks' paranoia.
Episode overview
Tails uses a machine to separate himself into five different Tails to multiply his brain productivity, but each piece only comes out with a small portion of his brain power, causing problems for his friends and Eggman.
Episode overview
Tired of being abused by Eggman, Orbot and Cubot go on strike and convince the other robots to join them.
The Evil Dr. Orbot
Episode overview
When Eggman fails a test to get his license for evil, he uses Orbot as his front, but the Evil Dr. Orbot goes mad with power.
Knuck Knuck! Who's Here?
Episode overview
While battling Eggman, Knuckles suffers amnesia. When reminded that he's the last of his kind, he sets out to find a foster family.
Mech Suits Me
Episode overview
Sonic stumbles upon an ancient mech suit. It makes him more powerful, but soon he becomes dependent on it, and it starts to change him.
Episode overview
Eggman builds a new robot to defeat Sonic. He programs it to know everything about the Blue Blur, but things don't go as planned.
Og Man Out
Episode overview
The gang is suspicious when Froglodyte Og comes to the surface. Their suspicions are proven true when the Froglodyte army attacks.
Knine-to-Five Knuckles
Episode overview
When Knuckles wins a lamp in a raffle, it dawns on him that he doesn't have a home in which to keep it, leading him to buy a house.
Episode overview
When the Village's power source, the Meroke Crystal, dies, the gang must get the replacement from a deadly trap built by the ancients.
Unnamed Episode
Episode overview
When the people of the Unnamed Village find out that their village used to be named after Sticks' evil ancestor, they turn on her.
Robot Employees
Episode overview
Dr. Eggman creates a new line of robot workers for Meh Burger, but there is more to these robot employees than meets the eye.
Give Bees a Chance
Episode overview
Amy nurses one of Dr. Eggman's beebots back to health and adopts it as a pet.
Episode overview
Feeling the need for unconditional love, Eggman creates "Mombot"… but she's overly critical and embarrasses him in front of Sonic.
Episode overview
Tails sets out to prove that the mythical creature Muckfoot is real.
Nominatus Rising
Episode overview
Eggman's old enemy, Nominatus, is back and with the help of his two acolytes he will try to take control of the world outside the computer.
Eggman's Brother
Episode overview
Steve Eggman comes to town, claiming to be Eggman's long lost brother. He wants to fight for good alongside Sonic and the gang.
Do Not Disturb
Episode overview
An endangered species wanders into Sonic's shack. He can't move the ugly, smelly animal because of a series of government regulations.
Robots from the Sky (1)
Episode overview
Mighton and Bolt, two robots from a City in the Clouds, think Sonic and his friends are evil because they are destroying Eggman's robots.
Robots from the Sky (2)
Episode overview
Robots all over the planet have become evil. Sonic and Tails travel to the City in the Clouds to seek help.
Robots from the Sky (3)
Episode overview
Sonic and Tails discover that the City in the Clouds is under the control of evil robots, and it might be Tails' fault.
Robots from the Sky (4)
Episode overview
Tails' creation Hypno-bot teams up with Eggman to conquer the world, so Team Sonic teams up with their robot duplicates to defeat Hypno-bot and his army.
Flea-ing from Trouble
Episode overview
The gang learns that sometimes the fiercest things come in the smallest packages when Eggman attacks with his tiniest robot yet.
Lightning Bowler Society
Episode overview
The Lightning Bolts threaten to steal Sonic and the gang’s’ fan base after an intense bowling match.
Planes, Trains and Dude-Mobiles
Episode overview
The guys are stoked to find out their band, Dude-itude, has booked its first road gig, so they hit the road in their new decked-out van.
Sticks and Amy's Excellent Staycation
Episode overview
With the guys' band away for a gig, Amy & Sticks have a girls' weekend. When Belinda hears half the gang is gone, she plans an attack.
Inn Sanity
Episode overview
Eggman can't pay the tax bill for his trash pickup, so to raise the necessary funds he must turn his evil lair into a luxury resort.
Mister Eggman
Episode overview
When it's revealed that Eggman is not actually a doctor, he becomes a joke and must go back to school to finish his Ph.D. in evil.
The Haunted Lair
Episode overview
Thinking his lair is haunted, Eggman sells it to Barker. Sonic and Tails must prove ghosts aren’t real.
Return of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom
Episode overview
Unable to use his robots, Eggman employs the Froglodytes to force Gogobas to mine for a crystal that will power his giant new Mech Suit.
Eggman's Anti Gravity Ray
Episode overview
Eggman's anti-gravity ray causes chaos in Hedgehog Village. With newfound confidence, Cubot tries to bring enlightenment to the villagers.
Episode overview
Sonic challenges Eggman to a game of soccer in order to save the Village's beloved rec center.
Three Men and My Baby!
Episode overview
When Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles accidentally injure Lady Walrus, they agree to take care of her baby, Chumley.
Where Have All the Sonics Gone?
Episode overview
Morpho sends Sonic to a dimension where he never existed. Sonic must unite his gang and help take back the alternate dimension village.
If You Build It, They Will Race
Episode overview
The gang becomes very competitive with one another when they enter an auto race, using cars they've designed themselves.
Chain Letter
Episode overview
Sonic agrees to be Dr. Eggman's friend on social media - a kindness he will surely regret.
Vector Detector
Episode overview
Amy's hammer is missing and she is lost without it. Vector the detective is on the case.
Three Minutes or Less
Episode overview
Sonic becomes a delivery boy for Meh Burger, guaranteeing he'll make all deliveries in under three minutes. Dr. Eggman gets in the way.
Lair on Lockdown
Episode overview
After accidentally triggering lockdown protocol during a battle, the gang gets trapped in Eggman's lair with Eggman, Cubot and Orbot.
You and I Bee-come One
Episode overview
Tails tests his new teleportation device on himself and accidentally merges with a beebot. Sonic must find a way to reverse the process.
Don't Make Me Angry
Episode overview
As a result of an experiment gone wrong, Eggman morphs into an adorable little creature every time he gets angry.
Eggman Family Vacation
Episode overview
Dr. Eggman and Steve turn a family vacation in Roboken into an opportunity for evil. Mighton and Bolts enlist the help of Sonic and friends.
Return to Beyond the Valley of the Cubots
Episode overview
When Tails gives D-Fekt the ability to speak, the little robot joins with the Cubots and rejects to take down their nemesis, Dr. Eggman.
Eggman: The Video Game (1)
Episode overview
When Eggman tries to recruit Shadow to help him bring more evil to his video game, it has dangerous consequences for Sonic and his friends.
Eggman: The Video Game (2) - The End of the World
Episode overview
Dealing with Shadow's anger, Eggman switches places with his counterpart from the dimension where Sonic doesn't exist. Now Sonic must deal with both Eggman, plus Shadow and Metal Sonic before the two dimensions collapse.