Project Runway

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There Is No I in Team
Episode overview
Season 11 opens with 16 designers arriving in New York City. They use the Big Apple as an inspiration to create clothes, and soon discover they will be working in teams the entire season.
Spin Out
Episode overview
The designers serve up ball-boy outfits and new server uniforms for a Ping-Pong social club.
Surprise Me
Episode overview
The contestants are tasked to design garments for host Heidi Klum for the launch of her new fragrance line. Heidi will wear the winning garments in her national commercial and a second winning garment for a press event.
The Ultimate Hard And Soft
Episode overview
While the teams get a twist, the designers also get a blast from the past when two unconventional challenges are merged into one for their newest challenge--creating a line out of hard and soft materials from the flower shop and hardware store.
A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock And Roll
Episode overview
The designers are separated into teams of two to create a performance outfit and a red-carpet look for country artist Miranda Lambert, who is also the guest judge.
Senior Fling
Episode overview
Fashionable clothes for senior citizens are created by the contestants.
A Sticky Situation
Episode overview
The contestants design fashion-forward prom looks constructed from duct tape.
Take It All Off!
Episode overview
The contestants design outfits for the male revue Australia's Thunder from Down Under.
He Said, She Said
Episode overview
For this episode, the designers are instructed to draw inspiration from Lord & Taylor’s signature “American Beauty Rose” and create a design with the retailer’s customer in mind.
The Art of Fashion
Episode overview
Artwork at the Guggenheim inspires the contestants to create their own print textiles for their clothes. Designers Tracy Reese and Rachel Roy serve as guest judges.
Finally on My Own
Episode overview
The designers display their signature aesthetic when they create worthy looks to be worn by actress Jordana Brewster in a fashion-magazine spread. Brewster also serves as the guest judge.
Europe, Here We Come
Episode overview
The designers travel to Berlin, Barcelona, London and Paris to get inspiration for the final challenge before the finale.
Finale (1)
Episode overview
The finalists work on their collections; Tim Gunn visits each of the finalists in their hometown.
Finale (2)
Episode overview
The designers show their collections in the final runway show at Lincoln Center; Michael Kors returns as a guest judge to help choose the winner.