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Matt's Secret
Episode overview
An underground creature brings chaos to the city, forcing the team to chase around the city to track down the movements of this vicious burrowing creature. When the creature strikes for .. show full overview
The Submarine
Episode overview
When a nuclear submarine encounters an anomaly and Liopleurodon in the sea, the team are called aboard to help. They soon find themselves under attack and get sucked back through an .. show full overview
In the Good Old Days
Episode overview
Following a displaced raptor through an anomaly, Matt ends up in Victorian London. Realizing its to blame for several gruesome murders in the area, he tracks it down only to find Emily .. show full overview
The Prototype
Episode overview
Philip and Connor secretly open an anomaly within the ARC, only to be invaded by a mass of scurrying future-beetles, who force the ARC into lockdown. The team have just moments to save .. show full overview
The End of the Future (1)
Episode overview
The exhausted ARC team struggle to cope as more anomalies are opening. As the whole team lets Lester in on the secrets of Matt's mission, they're interrupted by worrying news - anomalies .. show full overview
The End of the Future (2)
Episode overview
Connor has disappeared through Philip's anomaly, and Matt thinks that his mission is over, Philip has won. But he can't leave Connor to his fate and jumps through the anomaly only to .. show full overview