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F@#% You Seth MacFarlane!
Episode overview
In one of Penn's appearances on Larry King Live, Seth MacFarlane makes an inane argument about the Tea Party protests.
Behind a Top-Secret Penn & Teller Escape Trick
Episode overview
For the first time ever, Penn spills the beans on an illusion that's still in development.
Why The Kindle is Better Than The iPad
Episode overview
From the set of Bullshit, Penn explains why the iPad is a time-wasting distraction machine.
CHIMP ATTACK! - The Monkey Party Story (1)
Episode overview
Penn describes parties involving nude cornstarch wrestling and urination in part one of this infamous tale.
CHIMP ATTACK! - The Monkey Party Story (2)
Episode overview
Just in case you aren't circus-trained, know this: Never invite a chimpanzee and a little person to the same party.
How TOP SECRET Information Changed Obama's Promises
Episode overview
No conspiracy theories here -- but Penn discusses the possibility of Obama's change in policies after receiving top secret info.
Doda is Hot, Smart and Under Arrest!
Episode overview
Check out Penn's new crush -- Doda -- the hot Polish popstar who's not only smart but got arrested for blasphemy charges after dissing the Bible.
Why Hand Jobs Are Underrated
Episode overview
Penn officially ranks the three most underrated things in the world with musings on Christopher Hitchens's equally explicit version of the list.
Why Not Even SARAH SILVERMAN Trashes Muslims
Episode overview
Penn lets you in on the alarming details behind why Sarah Silverman and a writer for The West Wing won't trash Muslims.
The Yo-Yo Prankster is Just a Liar!
Episode overview
The unsuspecting local morning shows that invited on J-Strass shouldn't be ridiculed -- and neither should the "racists" in Borat.
Why More Politicians Should Be Like Rand Paul
Episode overview
Everyone is lambasting Rand Paul's perspective on civil rights, but Penn shares why some editorials are actually singing his praises.
What Secretly Happens Before EVERY Late-Night Talk Show
Episode overview
Penn reveals what makes David Letterman and Jay Leno look like fun guys: the little known interview before he appears on a talk show.
Penn & Teller's WORST Magic Gig Ever
Episode overview
Penn & Teller risk getting robbed, raped and murdered at the worst gig of their lives.
Anti Vaccination is BULLSHIT
Episode overview
Penn gives us a preview of an episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit that covers Andrew Wakefield and the antivaxxer controversy.
SUPREME COURT Strikes Right to Remain Silent!
Episode overview
In order to remain silent, you'll have to say so! Penn actually agrees with this awkward Supreme Court ruling.
Nancy Pelosi is a CRAZY PERSON
Episode overview
Nancy Pelosi is just as insane as Sarah Palin when it comes to crazy religious shit.
Episode overview
A firebombed Jacksonville mosque causes Penn to explain why individual beliefs should stay out of bombings and attacks.
New Atlas Shrugged Movie News!
Episode overview
Penn tells us all about the new Atlas Shrugged movie and how its new indie angle could make it a blockbuster like The Passion of the Christ.
A New Discovery Could Eliminate Breast Cancer
Episode overview
This new breast cancer vaccine could lead to some monumental changes -- in how you think about mice.
Anti-Islam App BANNED By Apple!
Episode overview
Apple banned an app called iSlam and yet an anti-Christian app, BibleThumper, remains in the app store!
Empire State Building REJECTS Mother Teresa!
Episode overview
A Catholic dipshit is trying to get the Empire State Building lit up in Mother Teresa's "colors" by leveraging an embarrassingly inadequate petition.
Recording Police Abuse Could Get You Arrested
Episode overview
In three states, it's now illegal to record law enforcement on a camera. Could this cause an escalation in police misconduct?
A WARNING To All Americans - Free Speech On Trial
Episode overview
A jobless 51-year-old was sued for writing a letter to his senator. Does this limit your freedom to dissent?
Even If You LOVE Obama, Here's Why You Shouldn't
Episode overview
Assuming Obama is the PERFECT president, Penn Jillette explains why you shouldn't support his views on war and healthcare.
David Blaine Likes Vampire Movies!
Episode overview
After watching a movie David Blaine recommended, Penn is reminded of an encounter he had with its director, Werner Herzog.
Sexy Woman Freaks Out at George Clinton Concert
Episode overview
George Clinton brought the funk. Penn and Teller brought the case of mistaken identity.
Penn Eats Pig with Jews!
Episode overview
Learn how to go from Hasidic Jew to atheist -- Penn had dinner with a few friends doing exactly that.
The Cruel Consequences of Astrology
Episode overview
Walk into a thought experiment proving that astrological signs are akin to RACISM!
Is Steve Martin an Atheist?
Episode overview
Steve Martin is an entertainer so he rarely engages in controversy -- so, how does he handle his religious beliefs?
Being Ugly in Show Biz?
Episode overview
Penn admits that in Hollywood, he won't get cast for the attractive parts.
Gulf Oil Spill Solution Rejected by Dick Cheney
Episode overview
Ari Melber tells Penn and Joy Behar about a Gulf of Mexico oil spill solution that could have been.
Episode overview
After arguing with Dana Loesch, James Carville and Stephanie Miller over our wars abroad, Penn has his thoughts confirmed by an old friend.
The MOST EXPENSIVE Card Trick Ever
Episode overview
Penn welcomes you to Piccadilly Circus -- where he and Teller performed the most expensive card trick ever.
Police Violate Protesters in My Hometown!
Episode overview
Where Penn stands, colonists fought for their freedom. Where Penn grew up, that right is being pissed away.
Reusable Shopping Bags Pose a Dangerous Risk
Episode overview
Find out the risky upshot of the growing reusable grocery bag trend.
Get Out of Speeding Tickets for Life!
Episode overview
Penn's daughter has a middle name that might be considered child abuse, but it will get her out of speeding tickets for life.
Can't Buy Me Love by The Beatles
Episode overview
Penn pays homage to the Beatles music video for Can't Buy Me Love.
What Happens to OLD iPhones?
Episode overview
Now that iPhone 4 is released, Penn explains what happens to old iPhones -- the same thing as retired circus pigs.
From Penn Jillette's Personal Diary!
Episode overview
What was Penn doing 10 years ago today? He was starting a new hobby -- one he knew he'd never be the best at.
Penn's Retort to Tea Party's Dana Loesch!
Episode overview
Dana Loesch responded to a Penn Point on her own show a week ago -- and here's Penn's reply!
Why Doing Porn is Better than Being a Barista
Episode overview
A circuit court ruled in favor of porn after the FCC tried to strike down John Stagliano's adult films for obscenity.
Cheerleaders on Penn and Teller: Bullshit!
Episode overview
Penn & Teller: Bullshit! covers sensitive subjects. So, when Penn was confronted by a paralyzed cheerleader's mother, he got nervous...
The MOST Important Celebs in Vegas!
Episode overview
Penn Jillette is one of Las Vegas Weekly's top 50 defining Vegas personalities. He couldn't be number one... could he?
The Planet's Only Animal That Lives Forever
Episode overview
There's one creature on the planet that never dies -- reverting to youth after fully maturing. Who wants one?
The Hidden Burdens Police Endure Everyday
Episode overview
Penn explains the daily annoyances that law enforcers face and how, in spite of those nuisances, they're held to a higher standard.
Gross Snail Facials!
Episode overview
In season 2 of Bullshit!, Penn and Teller introduced a phony alternative skin care product -- and it actually caught on.
Cash Cab FAIL!
Episode overview
Penn's Finnish "Penn pal" inadvertently sabotages him and Teller when they appear on Cash Cab.
Religious Pray for Atheists to Die?
Episode overview
What does it say about prayer if people are praying for outspoken atheist Christopher Hitchens to die?
Racist Editing Ousted Shirley Sherrod
Episode overview
Penn follows up on the USDA racism scandal, the topic of his most recent Larry King appearance.
Liberals Think They Understand Everything!
Episode overview
When a German magician fools Ari Melber backstage in Vegas, his reaction demonstrates the liberal attitude towards every political problem.
Are Hippies Dirty? Study Says Maybe Not
Episode overview
The E. Coli grocery bag scare that Penn commented on might have been based on a bullshit study.
Penn Disagrees with Christopher Hitchens
Episode overview
Learn how Penn feels about disagreeing with Christopher Hitchens in spite of how smart he is.
What Makes the Best Slam Poetry
Episode overview
Penn is faced with a content/form conflict when he judges poetry on HBO's Brave New Voices.
The Sexiest Woman Around RIght Now
Episode overview
Find out who Penn wants to fuck these days!
The Most Common Question Penn Gets
Episode overview
Penn constantly gets one question about censorship after his show in Vegas. Here, he answers it.
Penn Loses His Hair!
Episode overview
Penn has decided to hack off his ponytail for Locks of Love.
What It's Like to Be On The Simpsons!
Episode overview
Penn and Teller will appear on The Simpsons again! Penn tells you what it's like to hang out in Springfield.
Revealing A Brand New Penn and Teller Escape Trick
Episode overview
Penn continues to workshop a brand new escape trick from their show at the Rio in Las Vegas.
Penn Tries to Get Us Sued! - Penn Wears Spiderman Underwear
Episode overview
Penn attempts to get Revision3 into a lawsuit with Marvel comics by showing off his underwear.
Rascal Flatts Parodies The Hangover in Las Vegas!
Episode overview
Penn and Teller will appear in a new music video by Rascal Flatts that parodies The Hangover. He discusses being associated with questionable music.
Penn's Secret Creepy Movie Night!
Episode overview
Penn explains his Kevin Bacon movie night tradition and the puzzling film, Seventh Seal.
What Brought Penn to Tears? (1)
Episode overview
Penn introduces us to his favorite living novelist of all time, Nicholas Baker.
"Man, It F*cked Me Up..." - What Brought Penn to Tears? (2)
Episode overview
Penn finishes up his latest Penn Point on Nicholson Baker's Human Smoke.
Mosques and Musilm Gay Bars Near Ground Zero!
Episode overview
Penn finally talks about the mosque construction near Ground Zero thanks to your persistent commenting!
Caught in Glenn Beck's Controversy
Episode overview
Penn is caught in Glenn Beck's controversy after he holds a contentious rally on Martin Luther King Day.
Koran Burning is DEADLY! - Terry Jones's Right to Burn Books
Episode overview
If a Koran burning could cause deaths abroad -- as General Petraeus claims -- then should we prevent it? Should book burning be banned altogether?
Dancing with the Stars Loser!
Episode overview
Penn Jillette revisits his time on Dancing with the Stars as the 2010 season begins with Bristol Palin and The Situation.
Jennifer Aniston Says THE R WORD!
Episode overview
If you can't use the r-word, what can you use?
Glenn Beck Hate Mail! - What Does Glenn Beck Think of Penn?
Episode overview
Penn gets hate mail because of his associations with Glenn Beck. Penn responds.
The MISSING Piranha 3D Scene
Episode overview
Penn speculates about the missing trombone scene in Piranha 3D and explores the pros and cons of 3D tits.
The COOLEST Last Name Ever
Episode overview
There is a guy with the last name "Crimefighter" -- for a legitimate reason.
How Book Burners Are Like Hitler!
Episode overview
Penn explains how a 1st Amendment attorney's opinion is how book burners are like Hitler.
Imagine No Religion on 9/11
Episode overview
Penn tweeted "imagine no religion" on September 11 and here's the response he received.
Bad Timing on Dancing with the Stars!
Episode overview
If you thought the audience boos for Sarah Palin and Jennifer Grey were bad timing, then you should see the rest of the show...
CONSPIRACY THEORIES on Penn & Teller: Bullshit
Episode overview
Penn explains the conspiracy theories that he gets entangled in just by producing his show, Penn & Teller: Bullshit.
Episode overview
Penn appeared in the original Wall Street... and at the Wall Street 2 premiere party.
FBI Has Cartoonist VANISH
Episode overview
Penn reacts to cartoonist Molly Norris's unfortunate fate. The FBI advised her to change her name and disappear.
Pope Compares Atheists to NAZIS
Episode overview
The pope is being accused of linking atheists to Nazis, so Penn tells Pope Benedict what he thinks.
Behind a New MSNBC Show and the Politics of WITCHES
Episode overview
Well, the show is actually called "The Last Word" -- but Penn was on a test episode where he agreed with the politics and beliefs of a real witch.
The Science Behind Red Sea Parting
Episode overview
Penn explains the science behind the Red Sea parting and why it's insane that a religious person would be behind the study.
Is it Ethical to Download Free Music?
Episode overview
Penn's smart. He's got smart friends. What does he think of P2P file-sharin
Sexy Blonde Online Causes a Murder! - talhotblond
Episode overview
Penn takes us from the movie talhotblond to the mitigating circumstances around murder in a nano second. Typical. The movie is a documentary on questionable parental behavior filled with .. show full overview
Watching Movies on Your iPhone!
Episode overview
Penn talks about watching American Werewolf in London on his iPhone and insults the director. Penn loves the movie and can't stop raving about the cinematic beauty and story lines. Penn .. show full overview
Why Do You Love Mad Men?
Episode overview
Penn has a love hate relationship with the series of Mad Men. Penn loves to watch the very addictive show every week but doesn't know why, is it the 60's, the music, the smoking and drinking, Don Draper? Come find out.
Is Your Facebook Private?
Episode overview
Is Facebook violating your privacy? Or is Facebook just a business that the government should stay out. You are only as private as you want to be.
Do you know you are being watched?
Episode overview
Do you know if you are being watched? Look, shows you how often cameras are on us all day long. This series demonstrates how surveillance cameras captures the human condition in the day to day world.
Is Halloween a Religious Holiday?
Episode overview
Penn talks about how religion and halloween have crossed paths. Penn defends those who don't celebrate halloween.
Night of Too Many Stars (1)
Episode overview
Penn takes on Tom Hanks at the Night of Too Many Stars. Not only does he fool callers in believing he is Tom Hanks he does it in front of Tom Hanks.
Night of Too Many Stars (2)
Episode overview
Penn recruits George Clooney next on his list to mess with callers at the Night of Too Many Stars Telethon part 2. Can Penn convenience callers that the real George Clooney is on the phone?
It Gets Better- Bulllies Suck!
Episode overview
Penn shares his own Bully experience as a big gay guy in school. Penn also questions why bullies do not come forward to admit they were bullies!
It Gets Better, When You Get Older
Episode overview
Penn explains that government is not going to make things better, when you get older life gets better.
Government and Marriage don't Mix!!!!
Episode overview
Penn's position on Sisterwives, government should stay out of the marriages business. The government does not need to know who you marry, why you marry, how many people you marry or to not marry at all.
It's Too Hard to Defend Sarah Palin!
Episode overview
Penn wants to defend Sarah Palin but just can't. Sarah Palin's recent tweets to Ann Coulter's comments are just another stupid move Sarah Palin does that Penn can not get behind.
Who Cares if You Smoke!
Episode overview
Penn doesn't care if you smoke and knows that graphic pictures or sending out scary information will not get people to quit.
S.E. Cupp-Red Eye!
Episode overview
Penn thinks that S.E. Cupp is really good looking but she confuses the fuck out of people. How can a woman so pretty be so mixed up?
Andy Kaufman: Was This Man a Genius?
Episode overview
Penn delivers a book report on "Was This Man a Genius?: Talks with Andy Kaufman" Julie Hecht interviews Andy Kaufman, trying (and mostly failing) to get a straight answer out of the notoriously evasive comedian.
Penn reviews
Episode overview
Penn has a startling encounter with Al Pacino and drools over ingenue Lily Rabe. Who says Shakespeare ain't for dummies?
Was Einstein an Atheist?
Episode overview
A recently discovered letter, written by Albert Einstein, demonstrates Einstein's views on religion, God, and the "Chosen" status of the Jewish people. [SPOILER!] He thinks it's all "an incarnation of the most childish superstition."
The Biggest Hypocrites Since the Vatican's Interior Decorator
Episode overview
Penn feels intense compassion for several ministers who have come out of the closet as Atheists. Apparently, they actually read the Bible and realized how immensely ludicrous it all is.
An Atheist Family Christmas
Episode overview
The Atheist's dilemma: is Christmas just a crass commercial shill, or a bullshit celebration of Baby Jesus?
Atheists Attack Baby Jesus!
Episode overview
In yet another battle of the ongoing War Against Christmas, the American Atheists take to the streets. Fox News is there to save Baby Jesus from these vile fiends.
Penn's First Drug Trip
Episode overview
In darkest New England, a tribe of elderly female churchgoers conduct a secret rite every Sunday. The result: coffee jello. Seven times stronger than the purest methamphetamine, this noxious substance and its use have finally come to light.
Cartoon Characters on Facebook $@$%ing Suck!
Episode overview
Changing your profile picture on Facebook to a cartoon character to raise awareness for child abuse is the stupidest @##@ing idea ever.
Arsenic-Based Life in Space?
Episode overview
Scientists have discovered Arsenic-based life on Earth. On other planets? Not so much.
CALM Act: Government Volume Censorship
Episode overview
Economy in collapse. Unemployment soaring. US govt. to the rescue with... TV commercial volume level laws???
Nixon: Surprisingly Cool
Episode overview
Richard Milhous Nixon. America's BEST president... or America's BESTEST president?
Suicide is NOT the Answer
Episode overview
The It Gets Better campaign has one flaw: implying that suicide is a rational response to bullying.
Ant Crucifix Censorship Controversy
Episode overview
Should the government use taxpayers' money to support controversial art?
Fortune Teller FAKE
Episode overview
Bullshit Changes the Life of a Tarot Card Scammer
Snooki & JWOWW vs. Joy Behar = FIGHT!
Episode overview
Who is more self-deluded, Snookie or Joy Behar? The answer may surprise you/be really inconsequential in the greater scheme of things.
Holly Madison + David Copperfield = ???
Episode overview
Holly Madison and David Copperfield work some magic on Penn.
Tucson Shooting: Fuck Civility!
Episode overview
Hyperbole, passion, and metaphor are beautiful parts of rhetoric. The marketplace of ideas can not be toned down for the insane.
Tucson Shooting: Who is at fault?
Episode overview
Human nature drives us to search for deeper meaning, but maybe it's just the shooter's fault.
Jenny McCarthy Will Kill Us All!
Episode overview
When the Measles Epidemic of 2020 wipes out humanity, blame this bimbo.
Get Out of Debt Now!
Episode overview
By 2020, the US will have to run everything for 8 cents on the dollar.
Competition: Bane or Blessing?
Episode overview
Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.
Buy Our Stuff!!!
Episode overview
9 out of 10 hot teen lesbians agree: your life will become a wonderland filled with rainbows and unicorns if you buy stuff from our sponsors.
Rock Hard Erections Back and Forth
Episode overview
Grammar lessons! Dick jokes! This episode has it all.
Dripping Wet, Squeaky Clean
Episode overview
Science fact: Hair really does squeak when it's clean. Especially nubile high school girl hair.
Billy the Mime
Episode overview
This mime doesn't suck. Except when he's miming Anna Nicole Smith.
iPad News Smackdown!
Episode overview
Which news reader for the iPad is the best? None of them.
Spy on Shoppers Without Leaving the House!
Episode overview
A company in the UK has developed the latest weapon in the war against crime: an army of bored internet users watching store security cameras from home. This cannot possibly go wrong.
Massive Homeopathic Overdose Cures
Episode overview
Thirst. If you drink enough homeopathic medicine, you will be less thirsty. For anything else, take something real.
Jillette vs. Gillette: Which is Sexier?
Episode overview
In this shocking expose, Penn reveals the secret truth behind... his name.
Atheism: Pick Your Battles
Episode overview
When is it appropriate to shout at the top of your voice, "THERE IS NO GOD! THERE IS NO GOD!"?
Charlie Sheen: Winning for YOU!
Episode overview
Charlie Sheen is exactly what we want in a superstar: bats#!t craziness.
Proof that God Exists! Or Doesn't!
Episode overview
The Argument between Christians and Atheists is a snake chasing its own tail.
Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church
Episode overview
Cyberterrorists and Christian hate groups and First Amendment rights, oh my!
No More Hookers!!!
Episode overview
Sen. Harry Reed (D-NV) denounces prostitution. Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, this is pot.
Agnostics Suck!
Episode overview
Agnostics have the most annoying opinions on the Internet.
Libya: Why Are We There????
Episode overview
We're spending money we don't have to kill people we don't know for reasons we don't understand.
NPR: Government Sponsored Radio is WRONG
Episode overview
NPR doesn't need the government's money or the controversy that goes with it.
Gilbert Gottfried vs Japan vs THE GIANT DUCK
Episode overview
Yes, Aflac should have fired him. No, Gilbert shouldn't "have known better."
Teen SEXTING Controversy
Episode overview
Teen Sex + Mobile Phones: Two great tastes that taste like felony child pornography together.
The Book of Mormon
Episode overview
25K: The Greatest Indie Film Ever
Episode overview
Well, maybe not best ever. But they made it for $8600.
F@#% You! (1)
Episode overview
Mister Manners teaches you how to properly drop the F-bomb. NSFW!
F@#% You! (2)
Episode overview
Mister Manners tells you how to properly drop the F-bomb. To a Disney employee. NSFW!
Bill Nye the Badass Atheist Guy
Episode overview
Bill Nye infuriated a Waco, TX audience by daring to point out that the moon reflects the sun's light.
Atlas Shrugged
Episode overview
Atlas Shrugged, Part 1: The movie. Is it the Objectivist Passion of the Christ?
Atheist Army Chaplains???
Episode overview
Atheist chaplains in the U.S. Military, As if the foxholes weren't full enough already.
Martin Luther King Jr. Quote CONTROVERSY
Episode overview
In the wake of Osama Bin Laden's death, a Martin Luther King Jr. misquote causes Internet furor.
Steve Martin LIVE
Episode overview
A comedy giant. A movie legend. A bluegrass king?
New Suits for Penn and Teller!
Episode overview
Penn and Teller get new suits. The world rejoices.
Ellen Page is Super!
Episode overview
What do you get when you put Ellen Page in a skintight leotard? A Super movie!
The Epic F-Bomb Saga - Uncut!
Episode overview
Because YOU demanded it - Penn's sage advice on when to drop the F-bomb, uncut and in its entirety.
Fool Us: Backstage Secrets REVEALED!
Episode overview
...or maybe Penn just talks about his new hat.
Modern Art Masterpiece or 5-Year-Old's Doodle?
Episode overview
Can you tell the difference between a painting by Pollock and one by a Kindergartener? Don't lie.
Westboro Baptist Church donates $50,000 to Gay Charity
Episode overview
Comedian Lisa Lampanelli donates $50,000 to a gay charity in the Westboro Baptist Church's name - $1000 for every church member who protests her show.
Texas to TSA: No Groping!
Episode overview
Texas comes up with a law to ban groping by the TSA. Feds threaten to close all airports in Texas.
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Under ATTACK!
Episode overview
Our religious freedoms are under attack by the intellectual elite! As long as you count dressing like a pirate and worshiping sentient pasta to be religious freedoms, that is.
Are you a Fat Atheist?
Episode overview
Penn can't stand it when people label atheist with being fat! Penn is an atheist and fat, who cares?
Paul McCartney's drummer better than Ringo Starr?
Episode overview
Penn goes to a Paul McCartney concert and loves the drummer and believes he is better than Ringo. Abe Laboriel Jr. rocked the concert and everyone should google him.
Are Zinc Lozenges Good For You?
Episode overview
Penn wants to know if Zinc is any good for you (because he's been sucking away on them). Do throat lozenges really work like people claim?
Why Do Artists Change Their Lyrics?
Episode overview
Penn challenges the lyrics of Paul McCartney and Issac Hayes. What do these words really mean?
Fool Us!
Episode overview
Penn shares the winners from the first UK show, Fool Us. John Archer and Ben Earl fooled both Penn & Teller and are now headed to Vegas to perform at the Penn & Teller Theater. Check out the magic!
Does Sean Lennon Look Like His Father John?
Episode overview
In a rare appearance at Paul McCartney's concert, Sean Lennon's appearance surprises the audience with his distinct resemblance to his father, John Lennon. It's undeniable!
Is Black Bird Poetry or Music?
Episode overview
Is there more meaning to the lyrics to Paul McCartney's song Black Bird? Penn explains his interpretation of what Black Bird could mean. A Bird? Civil Rights? Sex? Or Art?
Paul McCartney vs. Bob Dylan?
Episode overview
Penn puts Paul and Bob in the ring! Paul McCartney is clean, healthy and plays to perfection. Bob is a character, cowboy hat, pencil stick mustache and full of celebrated wrinkles and .. show full overview
Penn vs. Miss Tennessee?
Episode overview
Penn takes his Miss USA judging duties very seriously and challenges Miss Tennessee's answer of the burning of tye Quran. Was the question asked properly? Penn addresses his judgment!
Is Penn the Hardest Working Man in Show Business?
Episode overview
Penn takes on three shows for TV, Theater, and now Cable. Is he the hardest working man in show business? Last man to reign this title was James Brown and he's dead!
Wildman Fischer: Crazy or Genius?
Episode overview
Penn reflects on Wildman Fischer and other legends that have passed. Can crazy lead to genius?
Miss Maryland is Smarter Than Penn!
Episode overview
Penn believes that Miss Maryland is a very smart woman and is a great representation of an adult. Although Miss Tennessee's mother defended her daughter against Penn.
Conservapedia or Troll Site?
Episode overview
Conservapedia attacks Penn on being an atheist and challenges him to a debate. Penn declines the challenge because he believes it comes from a troll site.
Penn Judges the Miss USA Swimsuit Competition!
Episode overview
Penn shares his thinking behind the rules of judging the swimsuit competition in the 2011 Miss USA. How would you judge this category?
Hotel or Porn Studio?
Episode overview
Penn thinks that Porn Morgul, Berth Milton Jr. is a genius. Guests can stay for free in exchange for broadcasting sex.
Tell A Lie on Disco!
Episode overview
Penn talks about his new show, "Tell a Lie," on the Discovery Channel coming out this fall. The show is full of outrageous, exciting stunts...but are they safe?
Hank Williams, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Now Amy Winehouse Join the 27 Club
Episode overview
Amy Winehouse joins the heartbreaking "27 Club" of young artists who passed away too early. The reasons these singers lost their lives are tragic. Hank Williams died at 29, so while not .. show full overview
Does Casey Anthony Deserve the Hate?
Episode overview
Penn doesn't know anything about Casey Anthony and isn't really interested in the murder case that is fascinating America.
Penn Goes to Comic-Con!
Episode overview
Penn shares his thoughts on Comic-Con which he attended for his new show, Penn & Teller: Tell a Lie, on the Discovery Network this fall.
Why We Believe in God(s)?
Episode overview
People ask Penn all the time what books to read on Atheism. He highly recommends "Why we Believe in God(s): A Concise guide to the Science of Faith" by J. Anderson Thomson Jr, MD. Penn's book, "God, No!" is out now, too.
God No!
Episode overview
Penn's new book God No! has hit America and the publishing world by storm. After reading Penn's book you may discover you are actually an atheist, too.
Episode overview
Penn talks DEFCON 19, the annual Hacker Conference in Las Vegas held at the Rio Hotel. Penn loves hackers and welcomes them to his show...but just don't hack his stuff!
Piers Morgan Did Not Like Penn's Book, Apparently
Episode overview
Not everyone takes that well to God, No! (or atheism in general). Imported CNN toolbag Piers Morgan is one of those people.
Garth Brooks in Vegas, Baby!
Episode overview
The Garth Brooks Vegas show is surprisingly not too bad, except for a few GLARING inaccuracies, as Penn explains in today's Penn Point.
Rich People Problems
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Is This Cold Remedy Bull$%*!?
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Everybody Get Naked
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
From Street Performing to Vegas
Episode overview
Penn reflects on his humble beginnings as a street performer, and how he eventually became a street performer AND author with a live show on the Vegas strip.
A Little Weird? You Can Still Be Successful!
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
What Do Liv Tyler's Breasts Have to Do with Atheism?
Episode overview
If there is one reason to see this film, it is that you get to see Liv Tyler naked. But there are some other good reasons to see The Ledge, too.
NSFW: Raunchiest Book You'll Ever Read
Episode overview
Put the kids away because this gets raunchy. Raunchy doesn't have to mean trashy. Penn showcases some of the dirtiest, naughtiest lines you'll ever hear outside of hardcore porn. But .. show full overview
Why Are Politicians Christian?
Episode overview
It's not just Bachmann and Rick Perry! Why do politicians in America HAVE to be Christian? Or at least claim they are? Penn explains why "Christian" is the magic word in politics.
Red State
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Anyone Been to Ukraine?
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Atheists Getting Bullied?
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This episode has no summary.
The True Meaning of Halloween
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Rise of the Monkeys
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CONTAGION: Bad Times. Better Movie.
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