Paper Girls

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Growing Pains
Episode overview
While delivering newspapers early one morning in 1988, four girls who have nothing in common are forced to work together to survive when something odd lands in their suburb.
Weird Al is Dead
Episode overview
Erin convinces her older self to try to help her and the Girls find a way home to 1988…right as they are stalked by Prioress, one of the evil Old Watch soldiers determined to erase them from history.
Blue Tongues Don't Lie
Episode overview
Mac reunites with the grown-up version of her brother Dylan and is stunned to learn how her family turned out. Tiff, KJ, and the Erins meet a stranger who might be the ticket back to 1988.
It Was Never About the Corn
Episode overview
Larry may have a way for the girls get home to 1988…but it’s going to require a lot of adult Erin…and Mac may not want to go home to her old life after spending time with Dylan.
A New Period
Episode overview
Adult Erin leads a daring mission home to 1988 that takes an unexpected turn, leading the girls to KJ’s house and a big secret about her future.
Episode overview
Desperate to find a way home, Tiff leads the girls to her adult self, who accomplished so many of her childhood dreams but she isn’t everything that was expected. Together they work to decode Larry’s ledger as the Old Watch close in.
Some Kind of Burping Trash Hole
Episode overview
Tiff confronts her adult self about the choices she’s made and KJ tries to help Mac grapple with her future as Larry and Erin call for back-up.
It B Over
Episode overview
The Old Watch invades Larry’s farm, leaving the Girls with one chance to get home to 1988.