Notes from the Underbelly

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  • Comedy Romance



Episode overview
Andrew and Lauren are deciding if they really want a family or not. But the advice from their friends is not helping them at all! Are they going to have a baby or are they going to continue their lives without one?
Animal Style
Episode overview
Andrew and Lauren are discovering that changes in their life is inevitable. While Lauren must trade her Mini Cooper for a mini-van, Andrew must get read of his hockey table. But things .. show full overview
Million Dollar Baby
Episode overview
Because of the overwhelming impending costs of having a baby, Andrew looks for a way to save some money... at Lauren's expense. He decides to ask for Danny's help and takes additional .. show full overview
Episode overview
With Lauren pregnant, the couple quickly find out the pros and cons of pregnancy. Lauren's pregnancy gets in the way of the couple when they try to have some intimacy. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Julie & Eric’s Baby
Episode overview
During a trip to the mall for makeup, Julie's water prematurely breaks. With Eric rushing home from a business trip, Julie ask her friends to be present during the birth. Andrew and .. show full overview
Mothers Milk
Episode overview
Breastfeeding! This will be the next dilemma for the couple. While Lauren isn't convinced it's necessary, Andrew refuse to changes his mind and claims that being a breastfed baby is the .. show full overview
Keeping Up Appearances
Episode overview
While Lauren tries to prove to her co-workers, and to herself, that being pregnant won't affect her job. But things don't turn out as planned, and the advice she gave to one of her .. show full overview
Episode overview
Today is Andrew's birthday. Everyone has gathered to celebrate this special day. Even Andrew's old college buddy is there to celebrate. But the only problem is that Andrew doesn't like .. show full overview