MasterChef (US)

  • 8.5
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  • : 205
  • : 2005



Auditions No. 1
The hopefuls prepare their signature dishes for the judges.
Auditions No. 2
The judges critique the food and eliminate contestants.
Auditions No. 3; Top 36 Bootcamp
The contestants compete in a ground beef challenge.
Top 18 Compete
The top 18 contestants must create a dish using duck and bananas; the judges challenge the cooks to use unusual ingredients.
Top 16 Compete
The contestants travel to Camp Pendleton, Calif., where they work in teams to prepare a meal for 200 servicemen and women.
Top 15 Compete
The cooks must create a unique dish using unconventional cuts of meat.
Top 14 Compete
The judges split the cooks into teams to prepare breakfast for hotel guests; the members of the losing team must prove they deserve to stay in the competition.
Top 13 Compete
The cooks must prepare a high quality dish using $20 worth of ingredients; during the elimination round the cooks try to recreate their favorite desserts.
Top 12 Compete
The contestants are divided into three teams for a food truck challenge; the challenge losers face a pressure test.
Top 11 Compete
Graham Elliot joins the amateur cooks in a mystery box challenge; two contestants are eliminated.
Top Nine Compete
The cooks must incorporate sea urchin into their creations; the winner of the mystery box challenge assigns the others one of eight different types of fish.
Top 8 Compete
The eight finalists must prepare, cook and serve a hearty meal to 101 cowboys; the challenge losers must prepare six eggs four different ways in only 20 minutes.
Top 7 Compete
Chef Paula Deen selects items for the mystery box challenge, which includes Southern staples and a surprise for the contestants; the challenge winner pairs the remaining contestants, who must prepare a Japanese dish as a team.
Top 6 Compete (1)
Eight previously eliminated contestants return to compete for a chance to rejoin the competition.
Top 6 Compete (2)
The cooks face a mystery box challenge featuring shrimp, with the winner choosing a savory item the hopefuls will have to use in a dessert dish.
Top 6 Compete (3)
The cooks split into two teams to replicate signature dishes at an award-winning restaurant; the contestants must prepare steak three ways.
Top 5 Complete
The cooks select mystery box ingredients that represent who they are; the judges surprise the cooks with a twist; the cooks re-create a dish that Graham Elliot served to the president.
Top 4 Compete
The cooks split into two teams to prepare a meal for the judges and three respected chefs; the cooks on the losing team compete against each other.
Top 3 Compete
The final three contestants are asked to reflect on their culinary experiences and create a dish that embodies their personality and passion; the top two contestants are chosen.
Winner Chosen
The remaining cooks make a final effort to impress the judges; one contestant wins the grand prize.