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Episode overview
Marvin is taken in by the Formans, a quintessential American suburban family, who now have to hide his identity and help him live the life of a normal human kid. Unbeknownst to his human .. show full overview
Improbable Story
Episode overview
Marvin's ability to talk to horses inspires a plan from Grandpa to help him win big at the track. Meanwhile, Teri and Brianna come up with two inventions, The "Hairbandit," and "StickyBuds".
Episode overview
Marvin "fends for himself" and eats a huge amount of chocolate when a family meal is called off, and soon he develops an explosive toothache.
Ice Pop Pop
Episode overview
Marvin learns what an expiration date is, and he thinks that Pop-Pop will expire when he sees his driver's license. The day before Pop-Pop was supposed to "expire," he says that the .. show full overview
Burger On A Bun
Episode overview
After seeing a bicycle with training wheels on them, Marvin asks for more money, so Liz says to Marvin that Teri has a job at Burger on a Bun. He goes in for the job, but takes it too .. show full overview
Marvin and the Cool Kids
Episode overview
Marvin begins to spend time with the popular kids at school and gets the cool reputation, but his new popular friends make him take the risk of breaking the rules and forgetting his best .. show full overview
Scary Movie
Episode overview
When Liz forbids Marvin and Henry from seeing a scary movie, they disobey her and watch it anyway. After seeing it, the horrors from the movie come to life. Meanwhile, Teri tries to .. show full overview
Double Date
Episode overview
Marvin and Teri go on a double date. After Marvin takes a picture of him and his date, Liz, Henry and Pop-Pop thought that the waiter is a Klerg.
Episode overview
When Marvin wants to try and pick a sports team to be active, he picks Basketball and soon discovers he has the gift and talent of playing it.
Episode overview
When Marvin sends the Forman family to a unknown planet by mistake, he must tell Brianna that he is an alien in order to save them. In the end, it turns out that the family was still on Earth.
Battle of the Bands
Episode overview
Marvin needs a band to perform in "Battle of the Bands", so he uses a group of kindergarteners. Meanwhile the Forman family has a chili cook off and the loser has to eat their chili from Marvin's shoe.
Marvin Gets a Pet
Episode overview
Marvin finds a Klootonian egg and tries to raise it as a pet against Liz and Bob's wishes. Meanwhile, Teri tries to make everything perfect when meeting a U.S. senator.
Calm Palm
Episode overview
Marvin uses a Calm Palm on Teri when she's over stressed about a fencing competition. Meanwhile, Henry and Pop-Pop want to play hockey in the house, but Bob and Liz want them to follow the house rules.
St. Glar Kai Day
Episode overview
Marvin and the Forman family celebrate St. Glar Kai Day, but they also have to deal with federal agents who discover alien activity in their house.
The Amazing Comic Book Thief
Episode overview
Marvin accidentally steals one of Ben's precious comic books, and he must return it before Ben finds out. Meanwhile, Teri and Brianna think that Liz is reading Teri's phone text's.
Marvin's Day Off
Episode overview
Marvin joins a book club to spend time with his new crush; Marvin pretends to be sick to catch up on reading before a book club meeting. Meanwhile, Teri lets Brianna share her locker after a crime scene was done near her locker.
House Party
Episode overview
Marvin watches a bunch of Teen Party movies, and plans a party against Teri's wishes. Meanwhile, Liz, Bob, Pop Pop, and Henry fight a snowstorm to get to Henry's skating tournament.
Mr. Earth
Episode overview
Marvin's Klootonian uncle, Uncle Steve, visits the Formans. He threatens to take Marvin back to Klooton.
Big Time Marvin (1)
Episode overview
Marvin and Teri go to a Big Time Rush concert, but Big Time Rush got kidnapped by the Klerg, and so did Teri, after being mistaken for Klootonians. Now it's up to Marvin to save them.
Big Time Marvin (2)
Episode overview
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