Married Single Other

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I Don't
Episode overview
Parents Lillie and Eddie clash over marriage, Babs has had enough of husband Dickie's gambling, and womaniser Clint is intrigued by model Abbey.
Dinner for Six
Episode overview
Babs (Amanda Abbington) and Dickie (Dean Lennox Kelly) can't go on any longer and the aftermath of their split resonates within their group of friends, Dickie still thinks he can win .. show full overview
Burning Rubber
Episode overview
Lillie thinks her career is over, until Babs finds the evidence she needs to clear her name. Gina enlists the help of Joe's older brother Harry to stop the bullying at school. Clint has .. show full overview
Episode overview
Harry is setting himself up for a fall. Dickie meets a girl out shopping. Babs is confronted by something she would rather not have seen. Clint realises that he is in love.
Episode overview
Lillie sells her premium bonds to help pay for the wedding. Harry, Flo and Eddie decide to try and create the best wedding in the world in just one day with no money to spend on it. Babs cracks up about her inability to speak in public.
Episode overview
Final Episode. Dickie and Babs continue to grow further apart, meanwhile Clint and Abbey face some problems of their own.