Man vs. Bee

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  • Comedy



Chapter 1
Episode overview
Doting dad Trevor Bingley arrives at a couple's lavish home to house-sit while they're away. A bee follows closely behind — and the battle begins.
Chapter 2
Episode overview
Trevor tries to remember the codes to unlock the library and prevent further damage. Later, he must reschedule upcoming plans with his daughter.
Chapter 3
Episode overview
A police officer checks in on things. Cupcake ruins her prescription dog diet with peanut butter. Trevor releases the bee outside — but not for long.
Chapter 4
Episode overview
With Cupcake's help, Trevor finds a messy way back inside and deals major damage with a kitchen hand mixer before the police officer arrives again.
Chapter 5
Episode overview
Trevor cleans up with a shower under flashy lights and a groovy soundtrack. Later, the bee leads Trevor to the couple's grand piano.
Chapter 6
Episode overview
Trevor tries to repair more damaged art. After chatting with Maddy, Trevor becomes too preoccupied with the bee to notice art burglars have broken in.
Chapter 7
Episode overview
The burglars reveal themselves at an opportune time. Trevor must take Cupcake to the vet after his bee trap doesn't go as planned.
Chapter 8
Episode overview
Trevor gets behind the wheel of Christian's expensive car to head to the vet. Later, a desperate Trevor devises a way to get rid of the bee for good.
Chapter 9
Episode overview
With Nina and Christian on their way back home, Trevor goes in pursuit of his unrelenting rival with blazing fury.