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The Matwix
Episode overview
Elmer Fudd, while playing an 8-bit looking game, gets a call from Bugs Bunny (pretending to be Morpheus from The Matrix). After the phone call, Elmer gets up and finds Bugs Bunny in his .. show full overview
Cell Mates
Episode overview
Daffy Duck is out on a date with Melissa; the viewer has to disrupt their date as much as possible with an interactive mobile phone.
The Island of Dr. Moron
Episode overview
At ACME Biotech, Dr. Moron just made a carrot that rabbits refuse to eat. Bugs ate it and loved it. Dr. Moron creates Gossamer to do his bidding. Bugs decided to give Gossamer Monstoids .. show full overview
Snow Business
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Twick or Tweety
Episode overview
Sylvester finally eats Tweety on Halloween night after Witch Hazel leaves to get some ingredients for her stew. Feeling sick with a stomachache, he goes upstairs to sleep in a nearby bed. He then has three terrifying nightmares involving Tweety.
Satellite Sam
Episode overview
Bugs is cooking in his home when he finds himself part of Satellite Sam's construction project. Satellite and other warfare ensues including the destruction of Marvin's Planet Smasher.
Wild King Dumb
Episode overview
Elmer Fudd observes and comments on the intellectual prowess of Wile E. Coyote's Road Runner hunt.
Daffy Dentist D.D.S.
Episode overview
Porky Pig goes to the dentist who turns out to be Daffy Duck
Dating Do's and Don'ts
Episode overview
Bugs Bunny has a date with Lola Bunny, but her overprotective dad tries to find a way to get rid of him. Meanwhile Elmer Fudd tries to keep Bugs out of his sight using his backyard security system
Dux's Tux's
Episode overview
Porky Pig goes to Daffy Duck's tuxedo shop for a bow tie only to have Daffy Duck continually try to upsell him. A fight ensues, Porky's wedding ring is lost, but Daffy saves the day.
Full Metal Racket!
Episode overview
Sylvester, Tweety, and Hector are being sent to boot camp, when they're trying to get along.
Grand Master Rabbit
Episode overview
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck engage in various challenges against each other where the loser leaves the park.
Episode overview
Daffy Duck is siphoning large amounts of Bugs Bunny's water to run his water park, so the rabbit decides to play some tricks on the duck.
Little Pet Shop of Horrors
Episode overview
Granny decides between adopting either Tweety or Sylvester while both compete for the privilege.
Malltown and Tazboy
Episode overview
Mall security guards Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam chase ruffian Tasmanian Devil through the mall.
Maximum Tazocity
Episode overview
Taz falls out of a plane and drops into the Mount Mallard Snow Board Invitational.
Multiplex Mallard
Episode overview
Porky Pig and Petunia Pig attempt to have a romantic movie date, but Daffy Duck provides multiple humorous interruptions. Petunia eventually forces Porky to rectify the problem.
Oh Taz You Devil
Episode overview
The Tasmanian Devil wakes up in his bedroom and finds three cleaning utensils (a soap bar, a toothbrush and a cotton swab) who come in and try to get Taz to clean himself and his place .. show full overview
Parallel Porked
Episode overview
Daffy Duck takes the driving portion of a driver's licence exam given by Porky Pig the DMV instructor.
Psycho Kitty
Episode overview
Sylvester tells animal psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Fraud that he knows that he will never be able to catch Tweety, but he cannot stop himself from trying. The doctor tries to hypnotize .. show full overview
Stunt Duck
Episode overview
Porky Pig plays famous actor Daffy Duck's stunt double. After Porky makes each stunt look easy, Daffy unsuccessfully attempts to replicate them.
Tear Factor
Episode overview
Granny decides to make Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck, and Sylvester cry. The one who doesn't cry wins.
Tech Suppork
Episode overview
Porky has trouble with his computer, so he has to call tech support for some help.
Yosemite Slam
Episode overview
Detectives Porky Pig and Daffy attempt to determine who gave Yosemite Sam the injuries that left him hospital bed-ridden. Re-enactment of the crime leads to more injuries for Sam.
Bunk Bedlam
Episode overview
Bugs takes Clyde, and Sylvester takes Junior camping. Sylvester is unhappy that all the top bunks are taken, and tries to get Junior into Clyde's bunk. Bugs foils Sylvester's attempts. Clyde and Junior agree to take turns for the top bunk.
The Cat Stays in the Picture
Episode overview
An unnamed Hollywood starlet brings Tweety to her gala premiere. The canary makes faces at the photographers, one of who is actually Sylvester in disguise. He is beaten up by the .. show full overview
Wile E. Coyote Ugly
Episode overview
Cartoon Scene Investigators Daffy Duck and Porky Pig need to find out what caused Wile E. Coyote to crash to a rock and bounce like an accordion.
Noie Da Topo (Mouse Trouble)
Episode overview
Sylvester attempts to eat Speedy Gonzales at a snow resort.
Fast Feud
Episode overview
Bugs Bunny is preparing carrot juice for a lot of Looney Tunes characters when the Crusher pushes them aside. Frightened, the rabbit gives him a bucket of carrot juice. The Crusher downs .. show full overview