Kulipari: An Army of Frogs

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Episode 1
Episode overview
While a young frog named Darel dreams of becoming a Kulipari warrior like his late father, Lord Marmoo of the Scorpions starts conspiring with Spider Queen Jarrah to attack the Amphibilands.
Episode 2
Episode overview
While training with Arabanoo the Tree Frog, Darel accidentally destroys the local market. The townspeople and the Chief ban him from training as punishment. Unfortunately for the frogs, .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
Darel discovers that Scorpion soldiers have broken through the Veil, and uses his Kulipari training to defend his friends and family.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Darel's best friend Gee is captured by the Scorpion soldiers! Darel must use his Kulipari training to find and save his best friend.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Darel disguises himself as a sandpaper frog to join a group of lizard mercenaries and rescue Gee, but are the lizards able to be trusted?
Episode 6
Episode overview
After rescuing Gee, Darel and his friend decide to stay at the Scorpion camp and do some damage. Meanwhile, their friends and family in the Amphibilands are preparing for battle under the guidance of Old Jir.
Episode 7
Episode overview
Darel and Gee finally meet the famous Kulipari and go on a journey together to find the Turtle King Sergu.
Episode 8
Episode overview
The Spider Queen finally manages to break down the Veil, allowing the Scorpions to enter the Amphibilands.
Episode 9
Episode overview
The Kulipari (and Darel!) join the villagers to fight the scorpion army and the Spider Queen's magic.
Episode 10
Episode overview
Though Lord Marmoo and Queen Jarrah have been temporarily defeated, Darel and the Kulipari go on a journey to find a way to prevent the scorpions from invading the Amphibilands again.
Episode 11
Episode overview
The Rainbow Serpent delivers an important message to Darel, while the Spider Queen makes Lord Marmoo stronger than he's ever been before.
Episode 12
Episode overview
Darel and the Kulipari exit the Veil in search of allies who can help defend the Amphibilands from Lord Marmoo and his Scorpion Army.
Episode 13
Episode overview
Darel leads the bruised and banished frogs and platypi through the desert, trying to find water with the Rainbow Serpent's help.