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Life of a Personal Assistant
Episode overview
Yoon Yi is a secretary who works at YB Headquarters. One day, while running a special errand for her boss, she encounters Chi Won. Little does she know, the two are meant to meet again very soon.
A Shoe Without Its Match Should Be Thrown Away
Episode overview
Mr. Bong's wife mistakes Yoon Yi for her husband's mistress, and all kinds of rumors spread at the office. Tae Geun advises Chi Won to get a personal assistant. Meanwhile, Jung Ae tells the three jugglers about her secret.
Too Much Happened to Pretend It Didn’t
Episode overview
Yoon Yi tells Chi Won that she will stick to him like glue and do her best as a personal assistant. While Chi Won is bothered by the invasion of private space, Yool tries to win Yoon Yi .. show full overview
Rags to Rags
Episode overview
With Chi Won moving in as a tenant, Yoon Yi has the upper hand at home. She sets house rules for Chi Won and indulges in having power over him. At work, however, the situation has not changed.
Whatever It Is You Want, I Can’t Give It to You
Episode overview
Yoon Yi gets to know Chi Won through the questionnaire he filled out. Bo Na is still upset about what happened at the bar. When Yoon Yi hears a strange noise from the basement, she becomes scared and knocks on Chi Won's door.
The Mobius of Ill Fate
Episode overview
When it seemed like things couldn't go any worse for Yoon Yi, the new employee at her workplace turns out to be her ex-boyfriend. While Bo Na is getting pressured by her boss to prepare .. show full overview
To Trust and Understand
Episode overview
Chi Won hands in the application for the Best Boss Award. While crashing at Yoon Yi's place, Chi Won gets a surprise visit from an unwanted guest. Meanwhile, Yool meets Jung Ae's son, Gun Woo, unaware of who he is.
I Can’t Control My Heart
Episode overview
After Chi Won collapses, Yoon Yi takes him to the hospital. The vice president tells Yoon Yi about Chi Won's dark past. When Yoon Yi takes a sick day, Chi Won feels her absence.
They Pretended They Did Not
Episode overview
After the kiss, Yoon Yi and Chi Won are busy trying to avoid each other. When they finally get to talk, they become more confused. Meanwhile, Jung Ae finally decides to tell her friends the truth.
Hey, It’s a Secret
Episode overview
Now that it is official, Yoon Yi and Chi Won don’t hesitate to show each other affection. They commute to work together and call each other by pet names. They try to keep it a secret from the people at the office, but it’s not very easy.
Is the Past Really Powerless?
Episode overview
After seeing Chi Won with his ex-wife, Yoon Yi can't stop thinking about it. The people at the office are trying to find out who are dating in secret. Meanwhile, Mr. Cho is anxious Chi Won will claim the vice-president position.
There Are No Secrets
Episode overview
When Do Hee goes to Chi Won's house to return his scarf, Yoon Yi tells Chi Won not to leave her side. Yoon Yi's mother calls Chi Won out and gives him a piece of her mind. Meanwhile, Mr. Cho asks Bo Na to stab Yoon Yi in the back.
Come Closer or Go Away
Episode overview
When the rumor about Yoon Yi and Chi Won spreads, Chi Won tells Yoon Yi that it doesn't matter what people say. Mr. Cho tries to get Chi Won kicked out saying that the company's .. show full overview
If It’s a Temporary Parting
Episode overview
When Yool finds out about Jung Ae, he acts cold towards her. In order to protect her department, Yoon Yi decides to do as Mr. Bong says. Meanwhile, Mr. Cho tries to win over the people of video department.
This Seat Will Always Be Yours
Episode overview
Chi Won and the video department fight for the team's independence and try to get Yoon Yi back. While being apart both at home and work, the longing between Chi Won and Yoon Yi grows .. show full overview
Whatever It is We Want, We Will Get It
Episode overview
Cho becomes in charge of relocation and relocates Yoon Yi. The video department is in need of help, and Bo Na hands something over to Yoon Yi. Meanwhile, Yool's family puts a stop to the e-sports business he was pursuing.