The Tale of Nokdu

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First Encounter
Nok Du, who is living on a small island, witnesses his father and brother get attacked by a group of assassins. He decides to leave home and find out who they are and work for. He .. show full overview
Widow Village
Nok Du disguises as a woman and enters the village where only widows are allowed to live. Fortunately, no one is suspicious of Nok Du yet. He finds out that there's a gisaeng house right .. show full overview
The Past of Nokdu's Father
At night, Nok Du happens to overhear the conversation of a group of widows who look like trained assassins. Nok Du starts to follow one of them into the woods. Meanwhile, Nok Du's father .. show full overview
Like an Older Sister
Nok Du and Dong Joo become close. Nok Du helps out Dong Joo when she is having a hard time because of her injured hands. Dong Joo says that she wants to treat Nok Du like an older .. show full overview
Composite Sketch
Dong Ju realizes that Nok Du has been pretending to be Lady Kim so far. Nok Du persuades Dong Ju to let him stay in the village. The widows talk about a man who sneaked into the village .. show full overview
I Want You to Leave
Dong Ju hears a rumor about the man who broke into the village the other day. She realizes that it is not a good idea to let Nok Du stay in the village. She asks Nok Du to leave the .. show full overview
Second Chance
Nok Du decides to help Dong Joo so she doesn't have to be a gisaeng. Nok Du gives up the mission that the widows of Muweol Corps gave him. He goes to meet Lady Chun with an idea that can .. show full overview
Reminiscences of Childhood
Dong Joo keeps being reminded of her childhood and family after she came to Hanyang. She visits the house she used to live when she was a child. That's when she runs into Yul Mu. And Nok .. show full overview
I Like Lord Yul Mu
Nok Du returns to the village for widows with Dong Joo and Yul Mu after completing his mission in Hanyang. However, the widows and gisaengs in the village think that Nok Du likes Yul Mu. .. show full overview
Who Do You Like?
Nok Du is curious about who Dong Joo likes. He asks her who it is, but she never tells him. Nok Du decides to tell Dong Joo his feelings for her, but Dong Joo tries to keep her distance .. show full overview
Yul Mu Knows Nok Du's Secret
Yul Mu finds out that Nok Du has been pretending to be a woman all this time and that Dong Joo has been looking out for Nok Du. Yul Mu wants to know if Dong Joo has feelings for Nok Du. .. show full overview
Yul Mu's True Color
After the widows of Muweol Corps left for Hanyang to kill the local functionary, Nok Du and Lady Chun find out that the widows are in a trap. Lady Chun asks Nok Du to go help out the .. show full overview
I Will Leave Soon
Heo Yun and his fellows think that the King might have noticed about their plan, so Heo Yun orders the widows of Muweol Corps to move their base. And Heo Yun encounters Hwang Tae. .. show full overview
Secrets About Nok Du's Birth
Nok Du meets Hwang Tae at Yul Mu's house. Nok Du insists that he and Hwang Tae should hurry and leave the place, but Hwang Tae refuses. Instead, Hwang Tae tells Nok Du a big secret about .. show full overview
Without Saying Goodbye
Because of the attack by Yul Mu's underlings, the village for widows is destroyed and many widows get injured or killed. Nok Du risks his life and helps the widows without disguising .. show full overview
Reunion Between Father & Son
In Hanyang, Dong Joo is trying to get a job in the palace by bribing court ladies. One day, a court lady asks Dong Joo to find a man for her. Dong Joo manages to find a man who matches .. show full overview
Yul Mu Misleading Widows
When the widows of the Muweol Corps are confused and want to find out who is behind the death of Lady Chun, Yul Mu tells them that it was Heo Yun's order. He also suggests that the .. show full overview
Trap for Yul Mu
When Nok Du and Dong Joo are walking on the streets, an old lady stares at Dong Joo as if she knows Dong Joo. And Nok Du and Dong Joo run into the King again. The three of them go hiking .. show full overview
Heo Yun Framed
Nok Du finally meets the King at the palace and is assigned to assist a senior chief administrative officer. Meanwhile, Heo Yun visits the King to warn that Yul Mu should not be trusted .. show full overview
The Queen's Jewel
Heo Yun continues trying to convince that Yul Mu is plotting treason, the King still doesn't believe him. Nok Du runs into the Queen in the palace and notices that she is wearing the .. show full overview
Dong Joo Enters the Palace
The King pays his visit to Heo Yun who is imprisoned in the dungeon, but this time, the King comes with Yul Mu, Hwang Tae, and two widows. Hwang Tae and the widows make the false .. show full overview
Your Son Is Alive
Yul Mu finally finds Dong Joo in the palace. He tries to take her somewhere, but Nok Du stops him. Meanwhile, Yun Jeo and the Queen secretly meet in a private house. Yun Jeo tells that .. show full overview
Torturing Jung Yun Jeo
Jung Yun Jeo is taken to the prison, and Dong Joo is shocked that the Chief Administrative Officer is the King. The King begins to torture Yun Jeo. Every time he aims the sword at Yun Jeo, he keeps seeing the face of Yun, which makes him pass out.
Find the Merit List
Nok Du plans with Sook to steal the Merit List from Grand Prince Neungyang. In hopes of ruining the plan, Nok Du goes to see the King with the Merit List. When Nok Du sees the King and .. show full overview
Nok Du is the Boy
Dong Joo finds out that Nok Du is the boy, the biological son of the King she’s been despising for her life. Knowing the consequences that could be brought upon them, she ponders their .. show full overview
Go, Now!
Nok Du spreads the rumors around the town about the King and himself. He plans to murder the King and undo the injustices that were caused due to him being alive. Dong Joo also plans to .. show full overview
A Revolt in Plan
Dong Joo escapes from the palace and moves alone to kill the King. Meanwhile, Nok Du escorts the King to his way to the shrines. One night, the King offers a drink to Nok Du. He honestly .. show full overview
Dong Joo Stands Before the King
The revolting army takes away the castle. Everyone seems to be after the King, but the King himself just realizes that his trusted royal guard is Nok Du. Enraged with betrayal, the King .. show full overview
Dong Joo & Nok Du Promise Forever
Dong Joo and Nok Du share their honest feelings toward each other. They promise to be together despite their complicated family history. Nok Du takes off to fight against the revolt led .. show full overview
The King is Back
Dong Joo can’t sit still and wait for Nok Du. She gathers her things and sets off to the palace to see how things are going. She enters the palace to see Neungyang aiming at Nok Du and .. show full overview
Dong Joo's Decision
Nok Du and Dong Joo manage to get out of the palace thanks to the Queen's help. Yul Mu and his men go after Nok Du and Dong Joo. However, Nok Du and Dong Joo end up being surrounded by .. show full overview
Wedding Ceremony
Nok Du volunteers to keep working with the widows. And the wedding ceremony for Nok Du and Dong Joo is held. Every resident on the island comes to celebrate the couple. Nine years later, .. show full overview