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Warm Welcome
Episode overview
Omar learns some shocking information about Bianca; Greg gets out-hustled by an unwanted house guest; Keith notices his neighborhood is changing and blames his local councilman; Jarvis visits the man who claims to be his father.
Who's Who
Episode overview
Omar, Greg, Keith and Jarvis attend the Annual Quintessential Gentleman's mixer; Keith ruins the vibe when he confronts his local councilman over his rising rent.
First Impressions
Episode overview
Omar witnesses Naomi out with another man; Greg sets a bad first impression when he meets with Chef Williams; Keith meets Jackee's parents for the first time.
Family Feud
Episode overview
Greg makes himself a little too comfortable during date night at Jarvis' house; Jarvis confronts his parents about his past; Omar's late-night meeting with Bianca comes to an unexpected end.