In an Instant

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  • Documentary Drama



In an Instant: Flying Blind
Episode overview
A family survives a plane crash that killed two in the Alaskan wilderness.
In an Instant: Rush Hour Disaster
Episode overview
In 2007, an interstate bridge holding hundreds of people in Minneapolis gives way, sending dozens crashing into the water below.
In an Instant: Grizzly Bear Attack
Episode overview
A grizzly bear attacks a father and daughter while they are hiking, and the dad safeguards his offspring.
In an Instant: Left for Dead
Episode overview
A woman is beaten unconscious and put in an unheated storage locker by her ex-husband.
In an Instant: Bad Guys at the Good Guys
Episode overview
Some volatile young gunmen hold the people inside of an electronics store hostage and insist that their demands be met.
In an Instant: Buried Alive
Episode overview
An Iowa farmer gets trapped in a grain bin as corn begins to suffocate him.
In an Instant: The Shootout
Episode overview
Florida police officer Pete Soulis finds himself in a gun battle with an ex-convict in a parking lot.