In an Instant

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Episode overview
In the third-season opener, a family encounter a blizzard while traveling from California to Idaho for a funeral, eventually embarking on a three-day, 20-mile trek through the wilderness.
Deliver Us From Evil
Episode overview
A young woman spends years in a cult in rural Minnesota before seizing the opportunity to escape and help put the leader behind bars.
Lost in Snow
Episode overview
A plow driver unknowingly dumps piles of snow on top of a fort with two children inside, burying them alive.
Terror in the Library
Episode overview
A schizophrenic veteran takes people hostage at the Salt Lake City Public Library, but he doesn't realize an off-duty cop has planted himself inside the crisis in order to minimize possible damage.
Match Made in Hell
Episode overview
A woman goes online to find a loving relationship, but instead finds a man who tries to kill her.
Frozen on the Mountain
Episode overview
An army veteran goes hiking with his friend and dog in California's San Bernardino National Forest, but the situation grows dangerous as the trio unexpectedly face whiteout blizzard conditions and struggle to get cell-phone reception.
Home Invasion Horror
Episode overview
In the third-season finale, a family are held hostage at gunpoint by two bank robbers who want the bank-manager husband to empty his bank's vault.
The Woman Who Refused To Die
Episode overview
When high school junior Melissa Dohme met Robert Burton, she thought she'd met the guy of her dreams. Little did she know, he would try to kill her - more than once.
Fire on the Mountain
Episode overview
First-hand accounts of the valley fire that eviscerated Northern California in 2015. Included: interviews with the people whose lives were on the line and those who were instrumental in helping them survive during the devastating fires.