I Want My Wife Back

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  • Comedy Romance



Episode 1
Episode overview
While arranging a surprise 40th birthday party for his beloved wife Bex, Murray hears that she is leaving him. He desperately tries to find her and to cancel the party - but it is too late.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Murray tries to persuade Bex that a holiday is just what they need to repair their relationship, but she leaves him heartbroken at the airport. The couple try to hide the truth from their families with unexpected results.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Murray goes to great lengths to see Bex, but she is not best pleased when she finds out what he's been up to.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Bex agrees to meet Murray for dinner, where he plans to re-propose. The evening gets off to a bad start when Murray's friend Grant (Kenneth Collard) loses the ring he was supposed to bring.
Episode 5
Episode overview
In the penultimate episode Bex moves in with her sister - just as Murray arrives with some news: he has quit his job in order to focus on their marriage. But he is quickly disappointed by Bex's response.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Murray goes to see Bex at her sister's, but it’s awkward between them so Bex makes her excuses and leaves. Murray discovers a positive pregnancy test.