How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

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Nerd Today, Boss Tomorrow
Episode overview
When his girlfriend breaks up with him after spending the year abroad, Moritz schemes to win her back by snagging a stash of ecstasy.
Life's Not Fair, Get Used to It
Episode overview
Lisa lands in trouble with her parents. Moritz reprograms MyTems into an online drug store and tries to make amends to Lenny.
Failure is Not an Option
Episode overview
Business is booming, and Buba wants a piece of the action -- but the product is getting bad reviews. Lisa thinks Dan has been ignoring her.
If This is Reality, I'm Not Interested
Episode overview
Moritz's reputation takes a hit. After discovering a troubling email, Lenny confides in a new friend. Jens enlists Moritz to crack a password.
Score Big or Don't Score at All
Episode overview
Lenny sets up the clear web shop while Moritz secretly meets a new supplier in Rotterdam. But the friends don't see eye to eye about their future.
If You Are the Smartest One in the Room, You're in the Wrong Room
Episode overview
Things begin to unravel the day after the party, and Moritz is forced to turn to his rival for help. Lisa has a change of heart.