Hollywood Residential

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The Hotness
Episode overview
When Tony King and his show go to Paula Abdul's house to build a dance studio he proceeds to make a mess of the production. He manages to cause an accident with a production assistant and is also introduced to his new sidekick Lila.
Where's Tom?
Episode overview
The crew shows up at Tom Arnold's house to help make over his eyesore of a backyard, but when Tom is nowhere to be seen, things turn hectic.
Dominion Day
Episode overview
The crew is hired by Carmen Electra to construct a new bathroom for her, but an accident happens that leads to the death of her dog.
Episode overview
While on a new job, working on Jamie Kennedy's house, Tony finds out that he's dating his ex-girlfriend.
Awards Show
Episode overview
Cheryl Hines agrees to take either Tony or Lila to the Golden Globe Awards with her and Tony's mom visits the set as the make over Cheryl's screening room.
Only Small Actors
Episode overview
While working on Chris Kattan's house, Tony gets a chance to audition for his next movie; a studio executive visits the set of Hollywood Residential and tells Lila the show will be focusing more on her, instead of Adam.
It Happens
Episode overview
Turmoil happens at John Cho's house, as the crew begin working, they must share the Cho house with the production of an adult film; Tony and Lila have an intimate moment that leaves Lila to explaining herself.
Lila's Party
Episode overview
Tony and the crew are remodeling Beverly D'Angelo's house, who's just broken up with her boyfriend. Tony is able to calm her down and takes her generosity as something that it isn't, which leads his job into jeopardy.