He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2021)

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The World Above
Episode overview
As Skeletor plots his next moves, He-Man and crew confront flashy King Stratos when Castle Grayskull lands among the clouds in the sky kingdom of Avion.
The World Below
Episode overview
Teela, Ork-0 and King Randor venture underground to seek refuge with Teela's former mentor — and prevent him from making a fateful deal with Skeletor.
Eternia 2000
Episode overview
He-Man and Skeletor race for a piece of the powerful sigil while aboard the high-speed rails. Expert bandit Mo'squita-ra darts in to add more trouble.
A Very Hungry Dragonfly
Episode overview
He-Man continues the search for Eldress. In pursuit of the final sigil piece, Evil-Lyn and Sorceress must join forces to defy a Havoc-fueled dragonfly.
Episode overview
While celebrating his birthday, Skeletor disappears into cosmic lockdown with Duncan. Trap Jaw and Beast Man take charge in Skeletor's sudden absence.
Divided We Stand
Episode overview
Krass and Stratos team up to investigate the Mystic Mountains. He-Man and Teela cast their differences aside to ready up for Skeletor's looming attack.
The Battle of Avion
Episode overview
He-Man and the heroes clash with Skeletor in the cloud city. Stratos makes a scene with his new allies. Ork-0 and Man-E-Faces come through to help.
The Fifth Nemesis
Episode overview
Krass questions everything as she discovers her gem’s connection to Havoc — and Skeletor. He-Man defends Castle Grayskull from an unexpected new foe.