Ghosts (2019)

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The Grey Lady
Episode overview
Alison and Mike are trying to find a semi-harmonious routine with the ghostly housemates of Button House. The ghosts have found a way to make their new situation work for them, while the couple are working towards a new money-making venture.
About Last Night
Episode overview
After a night of partying, Alison and Mike scramble to clean up the house for a venue viewing, and Alison tries to find out why the ghosts are acting so strangely.
Redding Weddy
Episode overview
Alison and Mike grapple with the latest obstacle to nailing down an event booking, but they’re stymied by the Captain’s past coming back to haunt him.
The Thomas Thorne Affair
Episode overview
Thomas goes down memory lane with Alison, however the truth is muddied when the other ghosts tell their version of events. Mike struggles with his own memories of Alison’s past.
Bump in the Night
Episode overview
It’s a nervous Mike’s first night alone in the house, when some uninvited guests set the ghosts on a mission to defend their treasured home.
Perfect Day
Episode overview
The big day at Button House has arrived, but some freak weather disrupts everyone’s plans.