Gary: Tank Commander

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Betta Shape Up
Episode overview
The annual fitness test proves too much for Gary. Physical trainer, Corporal Fox, doesn't hold back in telling him how bad a shape he's in so, humiliated and determined to save face with .. show full overview
Good Exercise
Episode overview
Gary delights Captain Fanshaw by 'saving his life' on a competitive skills exercise. With the enemy being led by his father, Colonel Fanshaw, the Captain is so grateful that while the .. show full overview
Bad Cammy
Episode overview
Cammy, an old adversary of Gary's, is posted to the barracks and old rivalries are soon restored in the form of a brawl. Sergeant Thomson punishes them both but a series of tit for tat .. show full overview
Big Cuts are the Biggest
Episode overview
Under threat of barracks closures, Sergeant Thomson is more irritable than usual as he prepares everyone for the visit of MP, Steven Maxwell. The frantic preparations see Thomson injured .. show full overview
Achtung Charlie
Episode overview
A posting to Germany hasn't quite lived up to the excitement levels of Afghanistan and Iraq and Gary is desperate to get home. But when Charlie announces that he's just got engaged, the .. show full overview
Spooky Dooky
Episode overview
Hallowe'en is a big deal on the barracks and the boys are determined to successfully defend their dooking for apples trophy. Gary goes with Julie to see a fortune teller, who gives Gary .. show full overview