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The Journey
Episode overview
With the existence of the Gargoyles revealed to the world, a hate group calling themselves ""The Quarrymen"" emerges determined to wipe them all out.
Episode overview
Alex Xanatos is abducted, and the kidnappers demand a gargoyle as ransom.
Episode overview
As Brooklyn feels put aside by the clan, he makes friends with a group of young runaways. Goliath and Eliza go out and search for him.
Broadway Goes Hollywood
Episode overview
Fox decides to make a movie, thinking it will help the Gargoyles' acceptance among humanity. She and Broadway go to Hollywood. Jackal and Hyena threat to ruin their plans.
A Bronx Tail
Episode overview
Bronx accidentally winds up in Pennsylvania by train and his one friend is an Amish boy. He is spotted and hunted down by frightened residents. The boy hides his new friend, and then tries to send him back to New York after sundown.
The Dying of the Light
Episode overview
The Quarrymen attack a group trying to promote tolerance between humans and gargoyles. Hudson starts to have problems with his vision.
And Justice for All
Episode overview
The gargoyles try to stop a jewel store burglary, but the gargoyles end up the main suspects when the thieves escape. When the police capture Goliath, he asks the others not to break him out, confident that the justice system will find him innocent.
Genesis Undone
Episode overview
The Clone Clan are deteriorating. Goliath must decide whether to work together with Sevarius or to leave them to die.
Episode overview
Angela still believes that Demona can be redeemed. The Clan, particularly Goliath and Brooklyn, try to convince her that her mother will never change. But in the end Angela touches Demona in a way that neither of them will ever know.
...For It May Come True
Episode overview
After being knocked out in a battle with the Quarrymen, Goliath dreams that he is a human married to Elisa, in a world where gargoyles are unknown.
To Serve Mankind
Episode overview
Goliath is brainwashed by the Illuminati, and sent out to kill a visiting European president.
Seeing Isn't Believing
Episode overview
Proteus has escaped New Olympus and come to New York, followed by Taurus. He takes on various shapes to pit Elisa and Goliath against each other.
Angels in the Night
Episode overview
The Gargoyles are tricked while attempting to rescue a child in a partially built building. Angela and Bronx are too late to save the rest of the clan as the sun comes up. When the .. show full overview