Fortunes of War

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September 1939
Episode overview
Set in the Balkans 1939. Newly weds Guy and Harriet Pringle journey to Bucharest where Guy is a lecturer of English Literature. Impoverished Prince Yakimov arrives in the city and .. show full overview
January 1940
Episode overview
Commander Sheppey holds a clandestine meeting to organise the destruction of the River Danube. Guy feels guilty about not being on active service and is determined to do something .. show full overview
June 1940
Episode overview
The fascist Iron Guard increase their power and the British fall out of favour with the Romanians. Tension mounts as the fascists take over and the Pringles, with the help of Clarence Lawson, try to smuggle Sasha out to safety.
October 1940
Episode overview
A despondent Harriet arrives in Athens and is overjoyed to see a familiar face. Yakimov and Harriet both pleased to find employment at the British Information Office. When Athens comes .. show full overview
April 1941
Episode overview
After their unceremonious arrival in Cairo, Guy and Harriet are forced to stay in an old brothel. Guy struggles to find work when it emerges that an old adversary is in charge of the .. show full overview
Autumn 1942
Episode overview
An an attempt to help Simon recover from the death of his brother, he’s taken under the wing of those at ‘Garden City.' Harriet contracts dysentery and Simon is involved in a desert .. show full overview
January 1943
Episode overview
Guy struggles to come to terms with his apparent loss. A quick marriage, an emotional reunion and a sudden death change the lives of those at ‘Garden City’ forever.