Falling Skies

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  • Action Adventure Drama Science-fiction Thriller


Falling Skies Panel at Comic-Con July 22, 2011
Episode overview
Falling Skies Panel at Comic-Con July 22, 2011 DVD Season 1 - Extra
Sneak Peek Season 3
Episode overview
1 minute of intro to season 3 of Falling Skies
ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 1 - Hal and Ben
Episode overview
Armed with a repaired video camera, an unknown interviewer tries to pull information from Tom Mason’s oldest boys as they make their way around Boston
ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 2 - Pope
Episode overview
Everyone’s favorite former outlaw has little patience for the unnamed interviewer…and even less for Tom Mason and his “yes men” in the 2nd Mass.
ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 3 - Maggie
Episode overview
After interviewing the fiercest female fighter in the 2nd Mass, the mysterious interviewer escapes to the woods to drop off a package for an unknown party.
ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 4 - Lourdes
Episode overview
The 2nd Mass’s resident medic sits down to chat about her connection with Lexi, along with her prior possession by aliens and the acts she committed while under their spell.
ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 5 - Anthony
Episode overview
One of the hardened warriors of the 2nd Mass talks about taking the battle to the alien Espheni, rather than relocating to protective camps in Brazil.
ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 6 - Cochise
Episode overview
The Volm’s ambassador to the humans answers questions about his people’s plans for protecting our planet and combatting the Espheni invaders.
ENEMY WITHIN: Episode 7 - Finale
Episode overview
Chaos reigns as the survivors of the 2nd Mass are ambushed by Espheni forces, and the unnamed interviewer meets his final fate.